Corrected entry: The phone box beside Marty's place wasn't there until Alex uses it when Marty is gone.

Correction: If you look closely, the phone is indeed in the first sequence when they show the zoo. You know, the one with the monkeys ringing the bell, etc.

Corrected entry: When Melman writes a "legal will" in the sand, half of it gets washed away by the tide, yet in the following shot all of the writing on the sand has disappeared completely - without any signs of wet sand, approaching water, or any other reason why the writing would disappear.

Correction: The writing stays there throughout the entire scene.

A Demon Premium member

Corrected entry: When the crates containing the animals falls off the ship, you see the crates become completely submerged. There are holes in the crates so the animals can breathe, but no water whatsoever gets into the crates. Also, when Alex looks through the holes, you can see large waves in the sea. In the time it took for the crates to reach the island at least one wave would have crashed over them, causing water to get in.

Correction: It's an animated work of fiction and not meant to factually apply the laws of physics. If water flooded the crates, they would sink, the animals would drown, end of movie.

Corrected entry: When the animals are on the ship in the crates, they all have light coming in from the top through the holes. Melman's crate is upside down, however, so the holes in his crate should be on the bottom.

Correction: Actually, crates designed to ship livestock/zoo animals have "air holes" on both ends (to ensure that the animal can breathe even if the crate turns over). While Melvin's crate is upside down, the light is simply entering from the other hole of the opposite side.


Corrected entry: If Madagascar has plenty of fresh water, why are the animals still drinking sea water at the end of the movie?

Correction: The animals drank the sea water to spit it out. It was a celebrative ritual started by Marty (zebra).

Corrected entry: The animals talk about going to Grand Central Station (in New York). When they get to the train building the sign on the building says "Grand Central Station" but the actual building says "Grand Central TERMINAL." Grand Central Station is the subway connection. Note that the website of the building is

John Pilge

Correction: When Marty gets to the building, the lettering on the outside of the building does indeed read "Grand Central Terminal."

Corrected entry: The Giraffe is being transported in a crate which says 'Giraffe' with an arrow pointing to it in order that people know which way is 'up'. This piece is later used as a makeshift headstone for the Giraffe's 'protest' grave on Madagascar. On this piece the arrow is now pointing away from the name towards the grave, in other words on the crate the word would now have been displayed upside down.

Correction: True, but remember Melman was upside down when he was first shown in the crate on the ship, because he was loaded that way. The crate is probably labeled wrong somewhere on the container itself.


Corrected entry: When the lion, giraffe and hippo get on the train, look at the giraffe's rear legs. One of the tissue boxes comes off. However, when he's sliding around Grand Central Station, he has it back on.

Correction: Watch closely. One of the legs actually has the drum attached to it, from the guy in the subway he crashes into. Box comes off as he gets on the train, replaced by a drum when he gets off the train.


Corrected entry: When all the animals go to sleep, there is a big clock showing 9:25. The hour hand is pointing directly at the nine, however the hour hand of a real clock would be positioned between the nine and ten because it's almost nine-thirty. (00:15:25)

Correction: It depends on the clock. Not all clocks change significantly on the hour hand. I have one that doesn't begin moving the hour hand until about 15 minutes before the new hour.

Corrected entry: The leader of the penguins addresses Marty the Zebra as "my monochromatic friend". A zebra, having two colors, is bichromatic.

Correction: No. Monochromatic only means you use one color. Black can always be represented as it is 0% of that color, regardless of which. Even if you have monochromatic red light, you can show/see every shade from pitch black to full monochromatic red, an unlimited amount of shades using monochromatic light. To refer to white as monochromatic is somewhat strange as it uses all possible colors but I would definitively say a zebra is more monochromatic than biocrhomatic.

Andreas Winnberg

Corrected entry: When Alex walks through the spider-web, the spider-web would have been broken by the others going through it first, seeing as Alex was behind them.

Correction: It's a classical joke in movies to make things happen to the bad guy/goof-ball/last guy in a group or line while the others are unaware of anything.

Corrected entry: How did Marty get out of his box when he's riding the dolphins to the island where the others are?

Correction: His box could have crashed into some rocks and broken, releasing him to the dolphins, or the dolphins could have opened it for him and transported him to the island.

Corrected entry: There is no way that a wooden crate would be able to not take on water and sink to the bottom of the ocean once it fell off of the ship, especially if you consider what's being transported, e.g. the hippo.

Rollin Garcia Jr

Correction: The crate could have taken on water, however wouldn't sink to the bottom of the ocean, even with the hippo inside 1) because the crate is made out of wood it would float with its top just slightly above the water level albeit filled with water, 2) a hippo floats in water so even better in salt water even in decomposed state.

Corrected entry: When the animals leave New York, the season is summer. On Madagascar, Alex claims they have reached there in two days, yet on the way back he says it will be mid winter by the time they reach New York. The season cannot change within a week.

Correction: He wasn't saying it as a fact. It might actually take them that long though because they don't know where they're going.

Corrected entry: No ship in the world could go to the Antarctic from Madagascar and back within 24 hours.

Correction: Nowhere in the film is the 24 hrs mentioned. The time the animals spend on Madagascar is considerably longer before the ship (steered by the penguins, yes) arrives (or returns, if you wish).

Corrected entry: Mason the chimpanzee reads a newspaper at the beginning of the film. Later on the boat he says he cannot read.

John Pilge

Correction: We never see Mason reading the newspaper. He just takes it out of the garbage and walks across the cage with it under his arm.

Corrected entry: When the animals get to Madagascar, Alex says he has not eaten in two days. He was in New York the last time he ate. It is virtually impossible for any ship to go from New York to Madagascar in just two days.

Correction: The people on the ship fed them something, but clearly not very often.

Nelleke Rietvink

Corrected entry: When the penguins arrive to Antarctica, in the Spanish version (dubbed) it says on the bottom of the screen "Antártica". It was written wrong, since Antarctica in Spanish is written "Antártida", with a D, not a C

Correction: No, Antártica is correct. Antártida would be correct in the Portuguese subtitles though.


Corrected entry: When the animals are on the boat, they say that only the monkey can read. However, when they are in Madagascar the giraffe writes out his Will in English.

Correction: The penguins ask one of the monkeys if he can read and he says that the other one can. It is never stated that the giraffe can't read.

Corrected entry: When Alex (the lion) gets the plate of meat after the show, there are 3 pieces on it. In the next shot, there's only one.

James Ollier

Correction: The next shot shows only a steak, then bites being taken out of it. Chances are Alex already ate the other two steaks.

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Marty: The penguins are going, so why can't I?
Alex: The penguins are psychotic.



At the beginning of the movie, when Marty finds the snow-bullet in Alex's mouth, he puts it in the Alex thing collection, but the collection wasn't there before and it disappears after that.



There is a scene when the lemurs are showing a book called "To Serve Lemur". This is similar to one of the classic episodes of The Twilight Zone, "To Serve Man" when the "aliens" allegedly come in peace but actually want to eat the people of earth.