Elvira, Mistress of the Dark

Other mistake: When Elvira is being chased by her Uncle Vinnie, you can see the hole in his head from where Elvira throws her stiletto at him. However, the hole in his head is apparent 'before' the scene in which she actually throws her stiletto.

Continuity mistake: When Elvira uses her ring to make it rain, the straw around her is burnt black. After Bob unties her and they run off after Vincent, the straw is intact and dry.

Sarah Van Winkle

Continuity mistake: Gonk's left ear is the one with the ring on it. When Vincent yells at Elvira for not being able to find the cookbook, Gonk growls at Vincent. For that one shot only, the ring switches ears.

Sarah Van Winkle

Continuity mistake: When Elvira pulls into Fallwell, the hood of her car blows off and lands paint-side-down. When the boys pick up the hood after Elvira asks them for a push, the hood is now paint-side-up.

Sarah Van Winkle

Continuity mistake: When Elvira is cooking dinner for Bob, she takes the spoon out of the pot, sets the spoon aside, then says her dish looks like "cocka-doodie." When the camera cuts back to the food it looks different, and the spoon is back in the pot. When Elvira puts some spray cheese on the food, the spoon is back where she set it aside earlier.

Sarah Van Winkle

Factual error: Right before Elvira is burned at the stake, the officer pronouncing judgement on her says "By the power vested in me, by the sovereign state of Massachusetts..." Massachusetts (according to its own constitution ratified in 1780) is a commonwealth, as are Virginia, Kentucky, and Pennsylvania. Although the internal governments appear to be different, they have the same legal status as states within the United States. (01:17:50)

Elvira: What is there to do for fun around here?
Robin Meeker: This town isn't big on fun. But there is one place! The bowling alley. It gets pretty wild on league night.
Elvira: Gee, I think I can handle it.

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