Carnosaur 3: Primal Species

Continuity mistake: The terrorist blow up many Jeeps when they ambush the military in the opening scenes. The problem is, they blow up more Jeeps than are in the convoy. When the terrorists steal the truck that was being escorted by the military convoy, we can see there were 3 Jeeps. But during the ambush scene, there are a lot more than that blown up by terrorists using weapons.


Plot hole: If the dinosaurs are so dangerous, why are they only kept behind plastic sheeting at the back of the truck, rather than in cages? There are computers in the truck, so obviously people must go in there, and it wouldn't be very safe to use computers if dinosaurs were roaming free in the trucks.

Revealing mistake: In Carnosaur 2, there is a scene where a raptor grabs a girl out of an elevator and kills her in a room. The room is in a building that is a government base in the middle of the desert. In Carnosaur 3, there is a room in a civilian meat packing warehouse in the city where the military unit is trying to catch the dinos. The nitpick is that the room are very obviously the exact same set used to be 2 different locations but are exactly the same within a series of same movies. You can tell the room is the same by the items in it, I'm not just talking the floor plan, or similar windows. There are barrels, pallets, crates, etc that are the same colors, the rooms are the same colors, the junk piles match-everything is exact. The director must have liked that room set and decided to use it again as a supposed different place. Too bad they didn't at least move some things around a bit.


Revealing mistake: A big deal is made of the fact that the female marine is left-handed, but the shot where she throws the knife to establish this fact is flipped - the writing on the poster that she is using as a target is backwards.

Other mistake: When the military convoy is attacked by the terrorists, the terrorists use weapons to blow up the Jeeps. Notice that the first Jeep blown up is parked next to the white guard rail and a sign post that show 36 on it. The same footage from a different angle is used for an another explosion.


Plot hole: When the female marine is killed by the T-Rex on the ship, it busts through the bulkhead of the ship, despite the fact that ship bulkheads are made of reinforced steel to withstand the pressure of the sea. Also, a few minutes later, the scientist and marine commander are hiding in a metal crate, but the T-Rex is now unable to get to them, even though the walls of the crate would be far less structurally sound than the bulkheads.

Revealing mistake: At the beginning of the film, after the marine finishes relieving himself off the back of the jeep, he reacts to an explosion before it actually occurs.

Continuity mistake: When the marines are driving the ship away, Polcheck and another marine are in the bridge. The marine puts on the captains hat, and then Polcheck takes it from him and wears it. Polcheck then leaves with the hat on, but when it cuts back to the marine once Polcheck has left, the marine is wearing the hat again.

Plot hole: The marines lure the dinosaurs into the ship, but there is no way they could lure the T-Rex into the bowels of the ship. It barely fits in as it is, and all the corridors leading down to where it is are too small for the T-Rex to fit through.

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