The 13th Warrior

Factual error: The clothing and most noticeably the armour of the Viking warriors is a very higgledy piggledy collection of dress from different places and times in history. Only Buliwyf actually seems to be wearing armour of Viking origin, some of the others have Spanish Conquistador armour and helms from centuries after the film is set and another wears a Roman gladiator's helm complete with face mask, another of the group is seen to be wearing a kilt (the redhead conveniently played by one of the two Scottish actors used as Vikings)which may well have been worn concurrently by their celtic neighbours but his kilt is quite modern in design.

Factual error: When Wulfgar, the little boy, speaks you can tell he is using modern southern Norwegian language. At that time that language didn't exist. Also the old man's translation is far off. (00:09:25)


Factual error: The Vikings follow the Norse religion, and make several references to it throughout the movie. But when waiting for the first Wendol attack, Herger states "The All-Father wove the skein of your life a long time ago". In Norse mythology, the All-Father (Odin) did not weave the skein of life, the Norns did.


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Suggested correction: The movie takes place in the 900s AD, and Norse myth wasn't put in writing until centuries later with the Prose Edda in 1220. Prior to that, it was spread through oral tradition; who's to say the details didn't change/update in the retelling over the next couple of centuries?

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Visible crew/equipment: Before the last battle, when the Wendol warlord nears the Norse village he's on horseback and raises his arm swinging his weapon. It cuts to his closeup, and under his right arm there's a visible plastic slider buckle on the strap (looks like nylon) of his bear costume. (01:21:15 - 01:30:55)

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Trivia: The story of this film is basically a retelling of the story of Beowulf and Grendel. Buliwyf is Beowulf, the Wendol are Grendel, King Hrothgar is of course himself. Ahmed Ibn Fahalan was added to lend the story historical credence as Ahmen Ibn Fahalan really did travel north from Baghdad and encountered Viking men.

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