The Little Foxes

The Little Foxes (1941)

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Since Horace won't give Regina the money she needs, Regina's nephew Leo steals Horace's negotiable bonds (about $75,000 pounds) from Horace's bank. But when Reginia tries to blackmail Horace, he then claims the money is a gift to them. Furious, Regina withholds Horace's medication knowing he will die without it. Horace dies. Regina then forces her brothers to give her two-thirds of their business. Her daughter finds out what has happened and along with Sam, leaves Regina.

Big Evil

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Regina enters the house and places her umbrella in the corner. As she speaks to her husband, she first removes her right glove then her left. In the next shot, she turns toward the camera and removes her left glove again.



Herbert Marshall, who played Bette Davis' husband, Horace Giddens, lost a leg in WWI and wore a prosthetic limb. In the scene where he is desperately attempting to get upstairs to get his medication (otherwise he will die), he briefly goes off camera and is replaced by a stunt double who attempts to crawl up the staircase.