Advise and Consent

Advise and Consent (1962)


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Bob Munson: Mr. President, with the chair's permission, I shall be very brief.
The Vice President: The chair gladly gives any senator permission to be brief.

Robert Leffingwell: I'm an egghead. I'm not only an egghead, I'm a premeditated egghead. I set out to become an egghead and at this moment I'm in full flower of eggheadedness, and I hope to spread the spores of egghead everywhere I go.

Stanley Danta: Who're we gonna make peace with now? The Kickapoo Indians?

Continuity mistake: Don Murray goes into the bathroom wearing a T-shirt under his shirt and tie (it clearly shows through the shirt). When he comes out he still has the shirt and tie on but the T-shirt has mysteriously disappeared.

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Trivia: Peter Lawford, who plays a U.S. Senator, was the brother-in-law of three Senators in real life (Jack, Bobby, and Ted Kennedy).

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