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Corrected entry: Jumping as high as you want, and making someone bounce on a wall, or solid floor is not possible. Energy cannot be created, or destroyed. A basketball doesn't bounce because pressurized air inside creates kinetic energy, it bounces because the pressurized air inside converts more potential energy into kinetic energy. While energy can be converted, it cannot be created or destroyed.

Correction: The movie never implies they're creating energy. Philip is looking to create a new energy source. If we suspend our disbelief that Philip was able to animate a completely inanimate substance, we can accept that liquid flubber converts energy at a spectacular rate. It could be a combination of chemical energy and stored energy, that is, the substance itself compresses like a spring.


Corrected entry: After Professor Brainard runs to the basement to create Flubber, Weebo displays "Wedding to Sara Jean Reynolds", then changes it to "canceled" which is misspelled. (00:12:10)

Correction: Both are acceptable spellings.


Corrected entry: After Philip discovers Flubber, he juggles him and asks Weebo to take a photo of him and Flubber. After taking the photo, Flubber screams and escapes. Shortly after we see the photo, showing Flubber screaming, but Flubber didn't scream until after the photo was taken.

Correction: Flubber did actually scream while the photo was taken. Only the flash of the camera was before he screamed, but a flash is always a little bit earlier than the actual photo.

Corrected entry: Throughout the movie, the Flubber works more powerfully in some scenes more than others.


Correction: If the Flubber can be conscious and take the form of little goo-people, it certainly could change its bounciness at will.

Corrected entry: At the end of the movie, the professor and his wife are flying in the car next to the plane. Don't passenger planes go at least 600 miles an hour? The force of the wind at that speed would break the car apart, and kill the passengers.

Correction: Not really a mistake for this movie. The stuff that happens in this movie is kind of like cartoons. In cartoons they don't pay attention to reality so the movie can be more enjoyable. That's how it is in this movie.

Corrected entry: At the end of the movie, Professor Brainard and Sarah were flying next to an airplane. How could they be up there? Isn't it very cold up in the sky?

Correction: Yes it is very very very cold up that high in the sky. Remember though the things they do in this movie work kind of like cartoons do. In cartoons all factual information like that is completely ignored.

Corrected entry: Professor Brainard put flubber on a bowling ball. It hit a guy in the head. The bowling ball should have cracked the guy's skull when it hit him.

Correction: Not really a mistake for this movie. This movie has a lot of things in it that work kind of like cartoons. And in cartoons the characters get hurt real badly all the time that in reality would kill them.

Corrected entry: When Professor Brainard sprays the flubber on his shoe in the basketball court, he puts his foot down and it won't stop bouncing until he falls down. When the basketball players have flubber on their shoes, they have to jump to make it work but Professor Brainard didn't jump.

Correction: Professor Brainard only applied 15% of flubber to the basketball players shoes. However, he applied more on his own shoes, thus leading to continuous bouncing.

Corrected entry: The professor is amazed when he manages to utilise flubber to make an anti-gravity device. Fair enough, I'd be amazed. The bit that I don't understand is that his best companion Weebo (or whatever its stupid name is) is a flying robot, that seems to defy gravity itself. It has no propellers or turbines of any kind, but yet still effortlessly flies around, so I can only assume that it runs on a similar device to the flubber!

Correction: The Professor said that Weebo was an accident and though he tried he could never duplicate her. It is possible that he is amazed over the fact that he has created, and is testing an anti-gravity device that works in a controlled experiment.

Corrected entry: If you drop something, no matter what it weighs, it will always fall at the same speed, yet, during the course of the film the bowling ball catches up with the golf ball. You can tell this because, even though Brainard set off the two balls separately, they are soon bopping the two villains at the same time.

Correction: Air resistance plays a factor.

Continuity mistake: When Robin Williams puts the flubber into his back pocket to show Sara how it will bounce him back up, you can clearly see a hole in which the flubber escapes. When he falls to the ground and Robin Williams turns over the hole is gone.

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Phillip Brainard: If we were interested in making money, we wouldn't have become teachers.

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Trivia: This was one of the first movies on DVD. But then, it wasn't affordable...


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Question: I want to know the name of the drama (or movie) Weebo was watching when Weber started clearing the room.


Chosen answer: The movie is called Some Came Running.

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