American Graffiti

Factual error: In one scene a parked car is sitting along the street - it is a '68 Chevy, it has sidelights. Yet the film is set in 1962.

Factual error: In one scene, Milner does a U-turn and you see a postal box on the curb. The logo on the box is the current white eagle drawing, but that was not used until well after 1962.

Factual error: At the beginning of the movie, a red first generation Mustang coupe is parked across the street from Mel's drive-in. Mustangs didn't come out until 1964.


Factual error: Shortly after Milner picks up Carol they make a right hand turn off the main street. There is a White 1971 Toyota Corolla at the intersection directly in front of a white 1960 Pontiac. The movie takes place in 1962.

Factual error: The Citroen 2CV that Kurt drives is a 1972 model. ten years after the film takes place.


Factual error: The Pharaohs are breaking into the pinball machines for gas money -- machines that weren't invented at the time the movie was supposed to take place. The Ball Park game was made by Williams in 1968 and the Vampire and Skyrocket games were made by Bally in 1971.

Factual error: While Falfa is singing "Some Enchanted Evening" to Laurie, the radio commercial in the background is by Arnie "Woo Woo" Ginsberg, touting the Gingsburger for Adventure Car Hop in Saugus, Massachusetts. This could not have been received by Falfa's car radio in California, since the commercial was actually available via WMEX in Boston, Massachusetts.



Factual error: When the cop car loses its axle, the movie playing at the theater is Dementia 13, which was released in 1963, while the movie was set in 1962.

Factual error: When John Milner is getting the ticket from the cop, he pulls over in front of a movie theater. The poster for the movie "Cabaret" is clearly visible in the background several times. You probably wouldn't know this unless you are old enough to have seen the movie in a theater, as "Cabaret" was in theaters only a year or so before Graffiti came out, so isn't appropriate for the time AG is set.

Factual error: When the cruising starts at the beginning, where the yellow Chevy has its hood open, parked in front of it is a gold 1968 Chevy. Several seconds later, a '56 and '50 Chevy are next to each other and the '56 has a California blue plate, 189 FJY. Blue plates weren't issued until 1969. Also, when Toad pulls away with Debbie, the long shot has a '55 Chevy with black plates go right in front of the camera. Black plates didn't come out until 1963. When the axle is ripped from the police car, the marquee on State theater in the background says Dementia 13 is playing. That didn't come out until 1963. (00:10:00)

Bruce Korsmeyer

Factual error: Although the movie takes place in 1962, at least one car is wearing a black background California license plate -- which were not issued until 1963.

Factual error: In the beginning of the movie, set in the early 60s, Laurie drives her Edsel into Mel's. As she is waving to Steve, you can see a Brown 70s AMC Gremlin, a red 70s Ford Maverick, and a two-tone late 60s Chevrolet van parked on the street in the background.


Factual error: The guitar player at the hop is playing a CBS era fender stratocaster with the large headstock. Mr. Leo Fender did not sell his company to CBS until 1965, but the movie is set in 1962.


Factual error: When Laurie arrives at Mel's parked behind the already said red mustang there's a brown car which looks like an AMC Gremlin, only introduced in 1970.

Factual error: In one scene a parked car is sitting along the street - it is a '68 Chevy, it has sidelights. Yet the film is set in 1962.

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John Milner: So, your Judy's little... Shit! How old are you?
Carol: I'm old enough. How old are you?
John Milner: I'm too old for you.
Carol: You can't be that old.

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Trivia: When Terry is being introduced, he drives up on his scooter, and has quite a bit of trouble parking it. This is because Charles Martin Smith actually didn't know how to drive a stick shift. The small accident he has is real, you can see him crash, look up towards the camera (at Lucas), and continue the scene. Lucas motioned for him to continue, because the crash looked so interesting.


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