Oldboy (2003)

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Revealing mistake: When Dae-su enters the room of one of his nemesis, his computer screen shows information about the stock exchange. The Internet address on the screen is: C:/DocumentsandSettings/[.]/OldBoy/[.], which would be a link to a folder on that computer, not an Internet address.

Revealing mistake: When the man holding the poodle leaps to his death, as his body smashes against the car, you can easily see that the poodle in his arms is just a stuffed doll, based on the way it bounces and moves.

Revealing mistake: Towards the end of the single-shot fight scene, you can see Oh Dae-Su visibly miss at least two punches by several inches. They go by quick, but they're there.

Continuity mistake: Near the end, when Oh Dae Su is fighting with Lee Woo Jin's bodyguard Mr. Han, the latter flips Dae Su repeatedly until Dae Su very swiftly jabs Han in the ear with a pair of scissors, the blades of which are pointing upward from his fist. Han flips Dae Su one more time and that's when he feels the injury. He looks down on Dae Su and spots the scissors on his hand, but this time the blades are pointing downward from his fist.

Allister Cooper, 2011

Factual error: When Dai Su and Mido enter many branches of Blue Dragon restaurants to taste test the dumplings, the Chinese characters of the establishments actually translate to Green Dragon.

Allister Cooper, 2011

Woo-jin Lee: Mister. Are you all right? What happened to you? Saewoon Apartments, Eung-am building 8. Take care of him.
Dae-su Oh: Thank You.
Woo-jin Lee: Not at all. Well, then. Farewell, Oh Dae Su.
Dae-su Oh: Farewell, Oh Dae Su.

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Trivia: Choi Min-sik had to eat four live octopuses for the infamous scene in which his character Oh Dae-su wants to "eat something alive." Min-sik is a Buddhist, and would pray before each take and profusely apologize to the octopuses before eating them. The director later personally thanked the octopuses during an acceptance speech for an award he got for the film.

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