Oldboy (2003)

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It is revealed that Woo-jin, Dae Su's captor, was in love with his sister. Oh Dae Su saw the pair together and spread rumours. Woo Jin's sister thought she was pregnant and thus killed herself with the help of her brother Woo-jin. This is the reason Oh Dae su was kidnapped. Woo-jin tells Oh Dae Su the reason why he was released after 15 years: it turns out Mido (the girl Dae Su met at the restaurant after his release) is actually Oh Dae Su's daughter and Woo-jin had raised her in secret. Woo-jin had both Mido and Oh Dae Su hypnotised to fall in love. Dae Su begs to Woo-jin to not tell Mido the truth and he cuts out part of his tongue.

Woo-jin walks into the elevator and says, "My sister and I loved each other despite everything. Can you two do the same?" He then has a flashback wherein he is holding his sister over the river, in the same fashion Oh Dae Su held the suicidal man over the edge of the building. She takes Woo-jin's camera from around his neck to take a photo of herself, before he drops her into the river to die. When the flashback ends, Woo-jin kills himself via gunshot to the head. Oh Dae Su visits the hypnotist to erase the memories of what has happened. When Mido comes to him and hugs him, she tells him that she loves him. He forms a grin that would lead one to believe the hypnotism worked and he is now blissfully ignorant, but it then twists into a pained grimace which suggests otherwise. It is up for debate whether he remembers or not. Mido never finds out that she is Oh Dae Su's daughter, as Woo-jin allowed her not to find out.

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Factual error: When Dai Su and Mido enter many branches of Blue Dragon restaurants to taste test the dumplings, the Chinese characters of the establishments actually translate to Green Dragon.

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Mi-do: Dae Su. In front of me is some kind of box. He's telling me to open it. It's the same violet box.
Dae-su Oh: No! No Mi-do don't. Don't open it no matter what. Or something terrible will happen.

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Trivia: The second entry in the "Vengeance Trilogy" by director Park Chan-wook. The three films are not directly related, but are connected by similar visual styles and themes of revenge and retribution. The first film was "Sympathy for Mr. Vengeance," while the final film was "Lady Vengeance." All three films have been optioned for American remakes, although as of 2019, only "Oldboy" has been successfully remade.


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Question: When Mido was trying to come up with a screen name for Oh Dae-Su early in the movie, why was Dae-Su so interested/startled by the mention of "The Count of Monte Cristo"?

Answer: Perhaps because in the movie/book "The Count of Monte Cristo" that's what happened to him. In the book/movie the hero Edmund Dantes is renamed "the Count" in order to disguise that fact that he is Dantes after having broken out of jail. This way he is free to seek revenge on the ones that put him in jail under false charges.

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