Slaughterhouse (1987)

Plot summary

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A slaughterhouse has hit on hard times and is to be closed down, brought out and demolished by Harold Murdock and former employee turned lawyer Tom Sanford so they can add further numbers too their large chain of abattoirs. But despite being bankrupt, former owner Lester Bacon...nor his simple-minded fat hulking son (he can only grunt, squeal or laugh all the time due to spending his entire youth interacting with pigs), Buddy have no intention of having their land stolen anyone. When Lester discovers his offspring has butchered a teenage couple who were hurting his swines the night before, he decides to use his son's new found bloodlust to seek retribution out on all those whom they blame for causing their finacial ruin. At the same time Sheriff's daughter Liz and her boyfriend, decide to take advantage of Lester's predicment and use his foreclosen company as a dosshouse for their mates. Seriously bad they along with Deputy Dave and his lover find out the hard way that Buddy has seen too it that his dad's slaughterhouse is still in business and he's more than happy to show off his practicing butchering skills... on them.


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