Slaughterhouse (1987)

Ending / spoiler

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After butchering his dad's enemies, Harold Murdock & Tom Sanford along with Deputy Dave and his girlfriend, Buddy observes Liz Borden showing up at his father's slaughterhouse along with her boyfriend and his two mates...who Buddy and his dad Lester Bacon soon take care of before capturing Liz so that Lester can vent his vengeful fury out on her for her Sheriff father's crimes against him. Before he can however, her lawman dad shows looking for her and whilst father and son are momentarily distracted Liz impales Lester on a set of meathooks. Buddy gives chase after her...but her dad opens fire on him and he flees. As the Borden's make it out of the front door...Lester suddenly shows up from behind them and shoves a blade into Sheriff Borden's side (leaving the knife stuck in his torso) before Liz puts a bullet into him (courtsey from her dad's gun). But being a mad slasher, Lester still lives and carries on his pursuit...even when both Bordens are in a squad car, an unfazed Lester bangs on the windscreen until they reverse away from him. Now having completely lost his sanity Lester believes he can be more than a match for their car and readies to chuck a knife straight at their windscreen before he is mowed down and a front tire pulverizes his face (as he's squished deep into the mud). Doing the old-killer-in-the-backseat trick Buddy shows up drives the blade still in Sheriff Borden's side deep into his heart before ripping it out to lunge for Liz. The screen freezes frames then fades to black with Buddy's squeals accompaning Liz's screams.


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