Hide and Go Shriek

A group of teenagers spends the night in a furniture store for a graduation party. A homless ex-con turned security guard has been allowed to take up residence there by the store manager. As the night wears on, the partygoers decide a game of hide and go-seek is in order to while away the hours. Sadly no one has noticed that a seriously disturbed cross-dressing bondage gear dressed tattoed indvidual has shown up and now wants to make his own rules, while replacing the existing title with the more fitting 'find and go-kill'. To ensure he disposes of them all he goes about stealing the clothes from each victim, in order to lure more of them to their messy deaths. Soon our partygoers have noticed that their numbers are slowly dwindling and those turning up dead are steadily rising...leading to a search for the killer before whats left of them end up ever so slightly stiff


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