The residents of the retirement/assisted living community are offered a chance to head off into the universe with the Antereans, as teachers. They will never die, never be sick, and never grow old. Most of the main characters choose to go. Steve Gutenberg receives cash for his boat. The aliens take the boat loaded with seniors aboard their ship and they fly away. A funeral is held for the residents but Wilford Brimley's grandson knows they're alive. The spaceship flies into the universe.


Continuity mistake: Tawnee Welch massages Steve Guttenberg's right leg just after he bangs it. However, when they are talking his left leg mysteriously becomes the injured one.

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Mary Luckett: Well I for one don't believe any of this alien crap.
Alma Finley: You mean you don't believe your husband?
Mary Luckett: No, I don't believe him.
Alma Finley: Well I believe him and I'm scared.
Bess McCarthy: Well I don't believe him and I'm still scared.

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Trivia: Some of the cloud effects were created by dumping colored dyes in tanks of water which were then superimposed into the shot.

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