Cocoon (1985)

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Corrected entry: When the boat rises into the airship, you can see the wires that are pulling the boat up.

Correction: You're seeing the boat's antenna. I watched this scene carefully. I don't see any wires pulling the ship up.


Corrected entry: When Jack, seeing the aliens for the first time, jumps overboard, he's wearing thongs (flip-flops), but when he comes back onboard, his feet are bare.


Correction: Why don't you try swimming with flip-flops and see how well they stay on your feet. They are hard to keep on while swimming, so they could have easily fallen off.


Corrected entry: Near the end of the movie when the boat is being raised out of the water to ascend to the spaceship, Steve Guttenberg jumps out of the suspended boat into the water by an inflatable raft. The camera is high and tilted down and you can see something sticking out of the water directly behind the raft. Another closer angle reveals that it is the head of a safety diver. A water level angle shows the diver quickly ducking under the surface.

Correction: What you saw wasn't the head of a safety diver but rather the snout of a dolphin. There's another one in front of the raft.

Jeff Swanson

Corrected entry: When the aliens take off their "human suits" in the pool house, the suits have eyes in them - they should have had empty eyeholes so that the Antareans could see while wearing their disguises.

Correction: Yes, the human outfits the Antareans wear have built in 'eyes', but we have no way of knowing what those 'eyes' are made of, or how they work, and we also don't know the extent of the powers and abilities of the aliens from Antarea.

Super Grover



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When the Antereans go into the sea for about the second time I think, Jack stays on the boat and starts playing about with the machine and makes it go off. When it does he drops a load of sweets or nuts out of the bag he was holding, but when the camera cuts away then cuts back there are no nuts or sweets on the floor.



Some of the cloud effects were created by dumping colored dyes in tanks of water which were then superimposed into the shot.