Elektra (2005)

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Elektra (Garner), the character from Daredevil is back. She was resurrected after being killed by her former mentor, Stick, who believes that Elektra has so many issues to work out. She is presently working as an assassin for hire and her latest assignment is to take out a father and his 13 year old daughter, whom she didn't know at first was her target, but when she refuses to do it, other assassins come and try to finish what she couldn't but she saves them and discovers that the Hand, an evil organization, that has mystical warriors in their ranks, are the ones who want her. So she takes them and she seeks help from Stick who refuses to help so they are on their own. And when the father is asked why the hand wants them, he claims he doesn't know or does he.

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When Elektra closes her cell phone on McCabe, a dial tone can be heard. Cell phones don't have dial tones. Even if they did, Elektra hung up, so nothing would be heard.



While filming a sai/sword fight, Will Yun Lee accidentally sliced Jennifer Garner's knuckles with his sword. After Garner got her knuckles patched up, and they resumed, Lee subsequently sliced her again in the exact same spot.