Abby ends up being 'the Treasure' that the Hand wants, they want her to become a member of The Order of the Hand. Abby has been training in martial arts for a long time like Elektra and lost her mother at a young age also. Stick is the one that sent Elektra to kill Mark and Abby to prevent The Hand from getting to Abby. We find out about Elektra's mom and we find out she was killed by Kirigi when she was a young girl. Elektra protects Mark and Abby from the Hand and kills all the members of the Hand. Elektra leaves Mark and Abby at the end and tells them "we'll find each other".


Continuity mistake: When DeMarco lifts his glass to look at Elektra you can see there's no meniscus where the liquid hits the glass. When it cuts to a close-up of the glass there now is. (00:05:55)


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Trivia: Ben Afflek actually filmed a scene with Garner as a cameo of his "Daredevil" character Matt Murdock. But because they were (And at this point still are in) a romantic relationship, the studio wanted to avoid any "Afflek/Garner" type publicity and cut the scene.

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Question: When Elektra goes back to her old house, she uses the gas stove to blow up the bad guys. She also turns on the bedside lamp. Is someone really paying the electric and gas bills after all those years? I'm assuming she didn't call Con Ed to reup right before she went to the house to fight.

Answer: Elektra's father was a wealthy shipping magnate and could afford to maintain the electric and gas bills for a house that the family hadn't visited in years.

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