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Corrected entry: Early in the movie Elektra is cleaning the floor to "remove her DNA". If she is/was dead why would she be concerned about DNA. The police would match the DNA to a deceased suspect and begin looking elsewhere for suspect DNA.


Correction: She just tells McCabe that it's to get rid of her DNA. The real reason is because she has OCD. That's why later in the movie she lies all of her toiletries and her food out in a certain order and why she counts her steps. It's one of the things she initially bonds with Abby over.

Corrected entry: When Elektra throws Kirigi down the well after she stabs him, both sai's can be seen in her hands, however earlier one sai was knocked out of her hand, and Elektra never retrieved it, nor did she move towards the area where her sai landed. (01:21:15)

Correction: Elektra does in fact land near her second sai. She grabs it and that is the one she stabs him with.


Corrected entry: In the wood pursuit after the tunnel scene when Elektra is up the tree the big guy throw the wood piece into the big tree. It's not possible to make that piece of wood cut into a tree that way - both are the same density so the one where Elektra is should resist the impact of the small wood.

Correction: Who said his club was made of wood? And for that matter, there have been documented cases of hurricane-force winds driving pieces of STRAW into the trunks of trees, so your argument is incorrect anyway.


Corrected entry: In the scene where Elektra is in her old house fighting the multiple assassins, she burns her house and makes it explode, but later on she carries Abby back to her house and she is able to walk through it with no visible sign of explosion anywhere.

Correction: The only thing she made explode was the kitchen, not the entire house, and then she took Abby to her mother's bed room. This why there is no trace of explosion.

Corrected entry: When Elektra walks to the neighboring cabin in the rain her hair is still perfectly dry.

Correction: When Elektra is about to kill her first victim in the movie, she instantly goes from across the room to next to his ear then back. She could have instantly appeared on the guys porch avoiding the rain.

Corrected entry: Elektra claims that Sais are offensive weapons. On the contrary, Sais are defensive weapons used to block blows from swords. They were originally used by Japanese farmers to till their land AND defend themselves.

Correction: Regular sais are defensive weapons, because they have no blades, but Elektra's Sais HAVE blades, and therefore she was trained to use them as Offensive weapons. I think she meant her individual Sais, not all Sais.

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