Castle in the Sky

Trivia: After the robot gives Sheeta a flower for the grave, four fox squirrels are seen playing around on his shoulder. They are cameos from Miyazaki's first animated masterpiece, "NausicaƤ of the Valley of the Wind." (1984). (01:33:20)

Chris Moyer Grice Premium member

Trivia: Director Hayao Miyazaki had said in interviews that he was ignorant that the word Spanish word "Laputa" means "filthy whore." If he had been aware of the word's meaning, he would not have used it in the first place.


Trivia: You can actually see Muska fall to his death as the lower part of Laputa collapses. It's after the shot showing the pirates on their gliders watching it break apart. You can see a human figure wearing red clothes in the middle right, falling between the rubble. It's very easy to miss since it's small and because of all the debris falling.

Daniel Kay

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