Castle in the Sky

Other mistake: In the first scene when the hurricane has passed and Pazu and Sheeta land on the cloud, Pazu twirls Sheeta around until they are almost off the edge of the cloud (his toe actually is on the edge of the cloud). But in the next few seconds the direction changes and they end up back on the cloud.

Other mistake: How does Dola know that Sheeta's pigtails were shot off? They had been outside in their aircraft the whole time and once Dola got Sheeta in a tight hug, the situation doesn't call for any time for her to explain what happened.


Other mistake: When Sheeta is inside of Laputa her pants become magenta colour, and her shirt a light purple. At first I thought it was just the shadows, but Mooska's clothes are exactly the same. Then you can see other scenes where Sheeta's clothes change colors, and she isnt in darkness.


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