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Corrected entry: Franklin is on the $100 bill, not Adams as Reuben and the others say.

Correction: The characters all say different names, like "Grant" and "Jefferson", and Reuben simply says "right!" It's meant to be a joke: that nobody knows who is actually on the $100 bill, even though they've stolen stacks of them.

Corrected entry: How did Benedict have time to visit all of Ocean's 11 without them informing each other? (That is, only Danny should have been surprised to see Benedict.) He had to travel to Connecticut, Utah, Miami, London, New Jersey, Chicago, New York, Louisiana, Las Vegas, and Los Angeles. As soon as Danny knew, he was on the phone (presumably calling the others).

Correction: The plan is no communication, and meet at a rendezvous point if the cover has been broken. Security has been compromised.

Corrected entry: Catherine Zeta Jones requests that she be allotted extra man power and requests that a commanding officer sign a "Form 1077". The body of the form is in Italian, but the title of the form is in English and under the signature line, the words "signed and agreed" are in English. Obviously, this was done so that the point would be made that the officer did not sign and agree to her request.

Allyson Premium member

Correction: The form is shown in both scenes to be in both English and Italian.

Corrected entry: When The Night-Fox is explaining the egg bet to Danny he says the bet is to steal the egg once it's on display Monday morning. Danny steals it in transit before it's on display, so why doesn't he lose the bet? He was premature and he cheated.

Correction: They made a deal with LeMarc, bypassing the bet since Toulour broke the thief's code by giving them up to Benedict. They stole the egg before he could, so he lost the bet, if he would protest he would hear it from LeMarc, a man he fears and respects.


Corrected entry: The shot when Basher and Linus are practicing the switch is impossible to do in one shot. There are two items on the stand, the egg and a carriage next to it. There is no way that Linus was able to grab both items (one in each hand) and put the hologram down without it being two shots.

Correction: He is not grabbing one item in each hand, as you suggest. He is using one hand for both items. Servers in restaurants carry 2 full size dinner plates in one hand often. Grabbing the egg and the small carriage in one hand would definitely be very easy for Linus, as we have seen what an expert thief he is.


Corrected entry: How does the Nightfox know that Ocean and the gang need $97 million? He is never told, and could not have been told because only the crew know exactly how much they need.

Correction: He knows through his own calculation in combination with his conversation with Benedict.

Corrected entry: In the first scene, as Rusty walks through the house, you can see the silhouette of a crew member crouched down at the far right of the screen.

Correction: That is a reflection of Rusty himself. If you watch it closely, you can see it moves exactly as he does.

Corrected entry: In the scene just before they go to Amsterdam Saul walks out saying "I want the last cheque i write to bounce". Reuben then offers to cover his share of the money and Danny says to him "You don't have to do that". Reuben then says "Who would I talk to if your all dead?" Danny replies - "good point". Its actually a bad point because if no one covered Saul's share they would all be dead, including Reuben.


Correction: Whether it's a good or bad point is just opinion, Danny is just making conversation or has not fully understood the consequences.


Corrected entry: Everybody seems to have an egg. In the scene where NightFox breaks through the laser security, he does so without carrying anything with him. Well if he came to steal the egg, where is the substitute egg he is going to swap with it? He is certainly not carrying one in past the lasers, nor is he carrying one out. Also, if Ocean steals the one in the backpack, and the museum knows that they have a fake, what happened to the all the fake ones? Could then the Ocean's only be charged with a minor crime since they were caught stealing a fake egg at the museum that started out fake and was again replaced by another fake one by NightFox? Confusing.

Correction: As far as the authorities are concerned, Ocean's team was attempting to steal the real egg (whether or not the museum knew it wasn't the real one doesn't matter) so they would be charged as such. As for the Nightfox's fake egg, perhaps he found out where the other fake eggs were stored (Rusty says Le Marc told them that the egg had several copies) and replaced it with one of those.

Corrected entry: When the Frenchman is going through the lasers in the Great Hall, why doesn't he just walk behind the statues where there are no lasers?

Correction: Near the end of the laser sequence you can see that the the path behind the statues is blocked.

Corrected entry: Rusty leaves his cellular phone on a table in his hotel room. Later he tosses some pictures onto the same table beside his cell phone. When Rusty looks at the table and realizes his cellular phone is gone (stolen by Isabel ), the pictures have disappeared, also.

Allyson Premium member

Correction: Isabel has taken both the pictures and the cell phone.

Corrected entry: After the heist in Amsterdam of the original bond note, Isabel sticks her finger in the putty where the cross-bow hit the wall, revealing white putty painted over to match the wall. In a flashback of the heist, Rusty is seen filling the hole with putty that is brown in color to match the wall.

Correction: Pitt's putty is white; we even see him painting over it.


Corrected entry: Early in the film it is mentioned that the interest for each of the eleven is $6 million, on top of the $160 million, which would add up to about $226 million. Benedict receives a check for only $198 million at the end.

Nick N.

Correction: They said a *safe* amount of interest to pay would be about $6 million each. We don't know the interest rate Benedict charged them; even Reuben doesn't know, since he asks Benedict if it's enough.


Corrected entry: At the end of the movie, when Isabel walks into the poker game, her hands are empty. The camera cuts back to her and suddenly she has a glass of wine in her hand.

Allyson Premium member

Correction: Rusty got her the glass of wine when he got his own drink between the shots; this scene is made up of several cuts designed to flash the scene forward a bit each time (example: we don't actually *see* most of them sit down to play cards, they're just suddenly there).


Corrected entry: In certain parts of the film, the Tattoo on Rusty's arm is smudged. It is most notable at the end when he is meeting with Lemarc.

Bret DeLashmutt

Correction: Its not smudging, it's a fading effect used on tribal art where they add a drop shadow.


Corrected entry: In the scene towards the end of the movie a man is looking at a check. On the check is written "One hundred and Eighty Nine" so on and so forth millions of dollars. The camera then pans to the numbered cash amount on the right, and it says $198 etc., among other numbers, rather than $189 etc.

Correction: You obviously didn't even watch this movie, or the first one for that matter. The "man" looking at the check is Terry Benedict. And the check is written accurately for 198 million, not 189 - both in the text part and the number part.

Corrected entry: At the end, they take the train from Gare du Nord to get the egg. But in Paris, if you want to go to Rome you have to take the train from Gare de Lyon. Trains from Gare du Nord only take you North (London, Brussels).

Correction: The guy carrying the egg is probably taking a circuitous route to avoid detection.

Greg Dwyer

Corrected entry: When Nightfox is moving throughout the laser beams, you can see that the beams hit him at least once.

Correction: It's impossible to tell, this whole scene is very silly but any laser beam that appears to hit him may simply be passing over him. We see it from so many angles that we don't know for sure.


Corrected entry: When Linus gives Tess the cushion so that she can pretend to be a pregnant Julia Roberts, the cushion is square shaped. Later, after being arrested and thrown in prison, she removes the cushion and it is now round shaped.

Correction: They go to the hotel after she is given the square cushion. When it goes to Linus, Tess, and Basher in the hotel room, Basher is adjusting the pillow under her dress. It is certainly possible that he is adjusting it because they put a round pillow from the room under her dress instead of the square one.

Corrected entry: Even if the other errors concerning the laser alarms are accepted, we were told the lasers couldn't be avoided by the team because they are designed to move randomly. So how is the Night Fox able to do this?

Correction: The Night Fox is dancing through the lasers as they move. He's moving on the fly, and he just happens to get lucky.

Factual error: The scene where Nightfox steals the Faberge Egg is all wrong. A laser security system must have a photoelectric receptor at the other side to detect if somebody pass between the two devices. As shown in the film, the laser beams points everywhere, so the system can't work and somebody could cross a beam without starting the alarm. Even if it was some weird system based on measuring distance it wouldn't work - if the laser hits the floor at an angle it won't bounce back to the source, it will reflect towards the ceiling.

Dr Wilson

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Question: I'm really bad at remembering faces - was just wondering if the guy who Brad Pitt, George Clooney and Matt Damon meet, and eat with - and play the weird phrases game, is also Le Marque - so technically, did CZJ met her father unofficially, (before Pitt introduces him) when she was interrogating him?

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