Father of the Bride

Corrected entry: In George's flashback of Annie, all of the pictures from her as a baby until graduation are from George's point of view. And then there's the scene of Annie sliding down the banister after her return from Rome, and George is in the scene. Then in the next image, she and Brian are kissing and it's from George's point of view again.

Correction: He is remembering things from the past. You can remember yourself hugging your child and picture yourself doing just that in your memories, just because you didn't "see" yourself doing it when it was happening.

Corrected entry: Annie and Brian have only known each other for two months, and later when Frank is talking about the wedding plans, he makes a big deal because there is only five months before the wedding...so how can it be that later on Annie and Brian celebrate their 8 month anniversary?

Correction: Annie went to Rome for four months. We don't know know how long Annie and Brian have known each other. If they met soon after she went to Rome and it was December it could have been their eight month anniversary.

Corrected entry: There are some timeline problems, primarily early in the movie. that only stick out after viewing the movie several times. George (Steve Martin) leaves work early to meet his daughter Annie (Kimberly Williams), who just arrived home from Europe. Based upon the fact he left work early and that there is bright sunlight out, it is easy to assume the time is right around 4/5 pm. Given that, the following occurs: First, the family immediately sits down to dinner, and within a minute or two, Annie gets in a fight and storms outside. When George follows her to console her, it is suddenly dark! An hour later (based on the dialogue), her fiancé comes over. Yet it is still dark and her brother is already in bed. Seems pretty strange for about 6:15 p.m. in the summer in LA! Second (and this is a stretch), at the aforementioned dinner, George makes plans for the family. Finally, during the reception at the house, George races to the dance floor to dance with Annie. Before he can get there, she and her new husband leave to go upstairs and change for their honeymoon. George decides to race through the kitchen, through the front yard and to the front door and catch her there. He is shown running fairly quickly. Yet BEFORE he gets there, the newlyweds are already changed and out the door. Quick change artists indeed.

Correction: The grandfather clock in the hallway actually says 8:00 when Brian arrives.

Corrected entry: In the scene where George is trying to escape from the dogs, it shows him scaling the balcony of the office and dangling. Once he has landed, he is still holding the bank book. Why would he not just throw this back on the desk and how could he have it in his hand and hang from the balcony at the same time?

Correction: The dogs scare George so he is not thinking quite as clearly. He just wants to get out of the office, he's not thinking of the bank book. Since he is so scared he doesn't realize he still has the bank book and therefore subconsciouly still grips it. You see the look of surprise and confusion on his face when he falls and realizes he is still holding it.


Corrected entry: Two scenes show the young son remembering to walk "right-together-left-together" down the isle at the wedding but then they all just walk left-right down the aisle during the wedding scene.

Correction: Character mistakes, not movie mistake. No matter how much rehearsal is done, nerves can make you forget how you are supposed to walk in a wedding procession.

Corrected entry: When George (Steve Martin) is "losing it" in the grocery store he removes 4 hot dog buns from 3 packages. The manager is upset and tells George he has to pay for those 4 buns. Does it really matter if he takes 4 buns out? No. I'm sure if the hot dog bun packages were rung up it would show the regular price regardless off how many buns are in the package. We can assume that if George made it to the check out stand he would have made a ruckus there too.

Frank Scialdone

Correction: It's not a plot hole. Whether or not it matters isn't the point. The point is that George is having a breakdown. And he's leaving the buns on the shelf, which WOULD be a problem for the manager, regardless of whether the package rang up at full price or not.


Corrected entry: In the scene when Annie returns from Europe and slides down the bannister to greet her father, she is wearing an unmarked black dress, yet when George recounts the scene in a dream the night before the wedding, Annie has a white dusty mark on the back of her dress from sliding down the bannister.

Correction: If you watch carefully, you can see the dusty mark on her dress in the first shot as well, just as she turns and one of her parents puts their arm around her shoulder.

Corrected entry: For a city who had not seen snow in 36 years, it seems a bit strange that early the next morning there are children outside playing on sleds. Where did they get them? It doesn't seem likely that any stores would have stocked them when they didn't expect snow.


Correction: It's not uncommon for people in the L.A. area to travel to nearby mountainous communities for skiing and wintry weather. They could have bought the sleds there.


Corrected entry: In the scene where Steve Martin complains about the number of buns in a pack at the grocery, he removes 4 buns from three packs because he needs an 8 pack. However he removes 4 buns from from 3 packs making a total of 3*4=12 buns = 1 pack...why didn't he just get 2 packs?

Correction: He was in a bit of a frenzy, and not thinking straight. Still worth pointing out though.

Corrected entry: When George and Nina go visit the in-laws, they are driving up there street and finally turn into the in-laws driveway. If you look at the street, there are absolutely no cars behind them or parked, but when they turn into the driveway, a car suddenly passes right behind them. Would be impossible if no other cars were behind them.

Correction: There is indeed a car behind George and Nina as they start to turn into in-laws driveway. They turn slowly and the car has sufficient time to catch up.


Corrected entry: Either a mistake, or Nina Banks is really delusional: She specifically states that they don't own any fancy cars, but George drives (I think) a Porsche. If that's not a fancy car, I don't know what she thinks is.


Correction: The car is not a Porsche - it's an Austin Healey 3000.

Other mistake: When Franc (Martin Short) is looking at the house to see the changes for the wedding and they are talking about the menu, Kimberly Williams starts with her hair in a ponytail, then for a split second her hair is half up in a barrette and then it's back to a pony tail (or vice versa).

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Franck Eggelhoffer: Uh-oh, I bring the wrong color thread. I assumed you'd be wearing a black "tuxado."
George: It is a black "tuxado."
Franck Eggelhoffer: I don't think so, babe. This tux is "nuffy" blue. No doubt about it.
George: What're you talking about? Armani doesn't make a blue tuxedo.
Franck Eggelhoffer: Armani don't also make "polyaster."

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Trivia: Martin Short was not supposed to have the accent he uses in the film. Instead, as a joke he began using it and the director thought it was funny-so it stayed.

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Question: What is the name of the song that Eugene Levy sings at the house, when he is trying out for wedding singer?

Answer: "Volare", originally performed by Nicola Arigliano in the 50's, but made most popular by Dean Martin.

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