Almost Heroes

Continuity mistake: When Edwards is teaching Hunt the alphabet, whenever he turns it around or you see it from another angle, the upper and lower case changes.

Continuity mistake: When the Barber pulls Chris' tooth, the pliers change from the time he puts them in his mouth and when the tooth is pulled. Once opening sideways they then open vertically.

Continuity mistake: When Mathew Perry moves the telescope to show Chris the naked indian woman, he moves it to the left, yet the view through it shows moving to the right.

Continuity mistake: Near the end of the film, Hunt threatens and chases away Guy Fontenot, who runs off. Note that here, he is wearing his head scarf thing. A couple of shots later, Guy reappears behind Hidalgo, once again wearing his helmet. He then disappears for the rest of the movie.

Revealing mistake: When Chris is being hanged you can see the back of his jacket being pulled up from the harness.

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Edwards: Mr. President, we have to give bears the right to vote... or bears will rise up and then bears will be in congress and we will be the ones performing in the circus, wearing little hats.

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