Almost Heroes

Corrected entry: The Indian woman has a bikini tan line above her rear in the bathing scene. Bikinis didn't exist in the 1800's.

Correction: Native Americans were known to have worn loincloths, which could produce similar looking tan-lines.


Corrected entry: At the dinner party, when Edwards asks Hunt about animals and he says he'd be more worried about Indians, he has a huge piece of chicken on his mouth, but a second later, it's not there. Could he really wipe it off two seconds later?

Correction: Why not? It takes less than one second to wipe your face, and there's also the possibility of the food falling off his face on its own.


Corrected entry: After the man is attacked by the bear, he is given a wooden leg. In the next scene, when the crew enters the town, the same man is on the left of the shot; and his "eaten leg" is seen bent behind him.

Correction: The actor is wearing some kind of molding over his leg and at no point is his actual leg visible during this scene.


Corrected entry: In the final scene, Jonas is missing. Although he was at the top of the mountain when Hunt went down to plant the flag, he was not visible as they started the trek towards Alaska and Europe.


Correction: Jonah was Edwards' malcontent slave and showed his intention of abandoning Edwards a few scenes earlier when Hunt tried to lead a mutiny against him. He may have used the opportunity of Edwards' elation at beating Lewis and Clark to the Pacific Ocean to escape.


Corrected entry: In the scene where Louis and Clark are portaging their canoes, the flag they are carrying is the 50 star flag of modern day.

Correction: I paused the movie at this part and counted the stars on the flag and there only appears to be around fifteen. There certainly aren't 50 stars on it.


Corrected entry: When Hunt is reading the sign into Snakes Bend and Jonah yells at him, Jonah would get in big trouble. Slaves were only allowed to talk when spoken to back then.

Correction: Not all slaves were treated the same way, some had more freedom and privileges than others.

Continuity mistake: When Edwards is teaching Hunt the alphabet, whenever he turns it around or you see it from another angle, the upper and lower case changes.

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Lady: I hope Satan himself burns the flesh from your miserable bones.
Hunt: Good God, Lady.

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