Continuity mistake: At the beginning, Ray holds out a ticket for the bus driver to see. In the next shot, from behind, both Ray's hands are at his side. When the shot changes back to the front, his right hand is extended again holding the ticket.

K.C. Sierra

Continuity mistake: When Ray and the doctor are discussing psychotherapy, there is a patient and hospital attendees milling about behind Ray near the sofa. There is a close up of the doctor, then Ray, and a few seconds later the patient and attendees are gone (the patient is moving waaay too slowly to make such a quick exit).

Continuity mistake: When Ray's mother is about to put Ray on the bus to the St. Augustine blind school she hangs a sign on his chest with his name. As they discuss the need for an education the shots cut from behind Ray to in front of him to behind him. Look at his shirt on his back right shoulder. The collar is tucked under his suspender when viewed from behind the first time then is is not the next time they show him from behind. Ray did not move to make this happen, it just happened from one take to the next. (01:50:15)


Continuity mistake: During the opening scene, Ray is playing "I Got A Woman" on the piano. However, the filmmakers don't sync up the film of Ray's hands with the right part of the soundtrack, which results in Ray moving his hands to play in the upper register, but the notes sounding the same.

Continuity mistake: When Ray's talking to Quincy Jones in his bedroom, before his first time on tour, Quincy puts his trumpet case down twice. On either side of the change in camera angle.

Continuity mistake: When Ray is improvising his performance in a bar, because he has 20 minutes to go, the shot shows the POV from the crowd to where Ray is singing and playing on stage. Two musicians next to him are talking and laughing with each other, yet, in the next shot, they suddenly have their mouths to their instruments and are playing along.

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