The Grudge

The woman was killed by her husband for being in love with Peter. The husband then killed their son, and then hung himself. Peter killed himself because he realized this and saw the dead bodies. Karen returns to the house to save Doug, but the woman kills Doug and goes to kill Karen. Karen knocks over the gas cans and lights the house on fire. At the hospital, the police bring Karen to ID the body of Doug. One of the police mention that they were able to save the house, and although Karen somehow survived the fire, she is visited by the woman one last time. We can assume that the woman kills Karen, because since the house is still standing the curse remained.


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When Sarah Michelle Gellar is on the bus with her boyfriend, she sees Kayako face looking at her in the window reflection and panics. When she looks back at the window she sees the normal reflection of her face. Trouble is, her reflection is turning her head and looking side to side, whilst Gellar herself is looking straight and not moving her head at all.



The Saeki family, the ghost family that haunts and terrorizes everyone who enter their home, are no strangers to the Grudge franchise. They played the same characters in the movie Ju-On, the Japanese version of The Grudge.