The Grudge

Corrected entry: During the scene when Yoko is attacked by the dead person in the attic, you can see a crew member laying on the floor in the background.

Correction: Where? I've watched this sceen three times, and I can't find it. You might be confused with Yoko herself, but maybe you should resubmit this and be a little more specific.

Corrected entry: When Karen finds the photograph of the family, the face of the woman is ripped out, so the whole face is off. Later when the officer tells Karen they found the photo in the hall, and show her, the hole is much different, and now only half the face is ripped out. (00:20:05 - 00:52:40)

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Correction: The woman's face in the photo is still completely ripped out. You can see Karen's finger through the hole when she is holding it in the hospital. This kind of makes it appear as though half of the woman's face is still there.

Corrected entry: When the police detective is reviewing the tape made by the security camera (which we have earlier seen capturing an ominous shadow which develops human form and walks toward the camera), the apparently fixed camera pans and then points down to focus on the "shadow".

Correction: The security camera doesn't pan down. The "shadow" comes up from under the camera. We are looking at the bottom of the TV, the detective is reviewing.

Corrected entry: In the final scene where Sarah sees a flashback of what really happened in the house she sees the professor talking to the child in his room and telling him his parents will be home soon. Then he discovers the mother's body in the attic. Another flashback shows the mother & the child being killed in succession. How can the professor be talking to the child & the mother be dead when both were killed together? This was not how it was in the original version.

Correction: The Child is already dead as shown when the professer returns to the room with the boy to see the boys dad hung off the roof mutalated. It was the ghost playing tricks with him.

Corrected entry: Greg has a cell phone and Karen does not attempt to call him from home before chasing him down at the house. It would make sense for her to at least try the cell first.


Correction: This really isn't a mistake. This is a nervous character decision and is perfectly plausible - maybe she didn't think to call him.

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Corrected entry: When Sarah Michelle Gellar is looking at the photos of Bill Pullman and his wife and sees the Japanese woman in the background, in the flashback when he has his locker open the woman is not in the pictures.


Correction: It seems impossible that, although Kayako was in love with Bill's character, that she would not only be everywhere he is, but also manage to get into the picture being taken. The image of Kayako appeared in the picture after she became the spirit in the house.

Corrected entry: Karen receives a message from Doug on their answer phone saying he is on the way over to the house to find her - presumably calling from a cell phone. So rather then rushing across town to stop him, why does she not just call him back and tell him not to go to the house?

Correction: The message she listens to is a voice memo left on the phone by Doug while he was still in the apartment, not a phone call from somewhere else.


Corrected entry: When Sarah Michelle Gellar and her husband are looking at the Japanese ritual thing, her husband reaches into his pocket, pulls out a cigarette and puts it in his mouth. In the very next shot he not only doesn't have a cigarette in his mouth, but also shows no sign of ever pulling one out.

Correction: Not true. In the very next shot we see him with the cigarette in his mouth. All of the shots after that, we don't see his hands but we see cigarette smoke indicating that he is holding a cigarette.


Corrected entry: When Bill Pullman is at the college where he works, a colleague says "Happy Monday." He goes to visit the house that day. However, the newspaper that Sarah Michelle Gellar reads says that he killed himself early Saturday morning.

Correction: The reason that Bill Pullman's colleague said "Happy Monday" is because it was the Monday BEFORE he died. Pullman's character dies the following Saturday.

Corrected entry: According to the story the angry spirit kills everyone who goes in the house, no matter how briefly (Sarah Michelle Gellar's boyfriend is in the house only a matter of minutes before being attacked). However the real estate agent, the other police detective, and all the police officers on the scene escape unharmed.


Correction: Just because we don't see them die onscreen by the end of the film doesn't mean they're not going to die. The spirit takes a long time to kill some and a short time with others.

Corrected entry: At the beginning, the boyfriend gets up to go to school. Sarah Michelle Gellar tells him to come back to bed because the clocks went back an hour and he still has time. Japan does not have daylight savings time.

Correction: She set the clock an hour ahead so that he wouldn't be late, not because it's daylight savings time.

Corrected entry: The apparition on the surveillance videotape is both visible and audible. Security cameras don't record sound.

Correction: Of course they can, it just depends on the kind of camera equipment used. I have security cameras at work that do this.

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