The Grudge

Audio problem: When Karen is in the house talking on the phone, she says "He won't come down," (referring to Toshio) but her lips don't move.

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Audio problem: After the detective listens to the message that Susan leaves for her brother on the answering machine, the detective pushes the button to locate the missing phone. The detective as well as another officer begin to follow the sound of the ringing phone which is very loud and audible near them. As they begin walking down the hallway towards the door the ringing becomes muffled and when he opens the door it becomes loud again.

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When Sarah Michelle Gellar is on the bus with her boyfriend, she sees Kayako face looking at her in the window reflection and panics. When she looks back at the window she sees the normal reflection of her face. Trouble is, her reflection is turning her head and looking side to side, whilst Gellar herself is looking straight and not moving her head at all.



The Saeki family, the ghost family that haunts and terrorizes everyone who enter their home, are no strangers to the Grudge franchise. They played the same characters in the movie Ju-On, the Japanese version of The Grudge.