Vanishing Point

Corrected entry: When Preston is about to begin firing at Kowalski as they are nearing Blanding, Gilmore remarks "Blanding? Population 50?" In reality Blanding's population was about 3,100 at the time.

Correction: He was being sarcastic.


Corrected entry: During the final chase scene, Kowalski pulls away from the pursuing police, and builds up quite a lead. On one of the scenes with the Challenger approaching, you can see there are no police cars close behind him, yet, when he slams on the brakes and stops, the police cars arrive right behind him, with not enough time for the police to have caught up to him. (01:24:05 - 01:25:00)

Correction: The road is a series of rises and dips and the shot(s) where the pursuers aren't seen are when they are obscured by the dips while the Challenger isn't.


Corrected entry: The Charger is referred to as a "class one show car." Yet it has an aftermarket stereo cassette deck. For it to be a true class one show car, it would need to have the original audio equipment. (00:11:05)

Correction: I've seen classic show cars that, at shows, had their original radios, but between shows, the radio was swapped out for something more modern. Not a hard or lengthy job at all.


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The Voice: When we are all criminals, who is free?



During the sequence where Kowalski is being chased through the mining buildings, there's a shot where the passenger-side mirror gets knocked off the car by a jutting pole, and the camera tracks it to breaking on the ground. But the next shot showing that side of the car shows the mirror. It keeps appearing and vanishing for the rest of the scene (when it's not there, there's no sign of damage to the car: the car used for those shots appears to never have had a wing-mirror).