Vanishing Point

Continuity mistake: During the sequence where Kowalski is being chased through the mining buildings, there's a shot where the passenger-side mirror gets knocked off the car by a jutting pole, and the camera tracks it to breaking on the ground. But the next shot showing that side of the car shows the mirror. It keeps appearing and vanishing for the rest of the scene (when it's not there, there's no sign of damage to the car: the car used for those shots appears to never have had a wing-mirror).

Continuity mistake: During the short-lived pursuit by the Black Beast, in the close-up shots through the Charger's windshield, the blue and red lights are off. On the long shots, the lights are on and blinking.

Continuity mistake: The wheels on the Challenger when it bursts into flames are completely different than the wheels during the rest of the movie. During the movie, the wheels are factory Rally type wheels, and the wheels seen while the car is burning are aftermarket Cragar-type mag wheels. (01:24:45 - 01:27:55)

Continuity mistake: When Kowalski first encounters the Black Beast, the camera focuses on the nameplates of both cars. The close-up of the Challenger shows the right front wheel well to be damaged. In the next shot, it is now pristine.

Continuity mistake: After the Charger crashes it appears to be dusk outside from the lighting, yet when the Challenger is last seen driving off and the officers are standing outside the Charger, it's bright out again.

Continuity mistake: After the second time Sgt. Preston fires his shotgun at the Challenger, Kowalski swerves into the oncoming lane, but in the very next shot he is in the same lane as the Charger again.

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