Vanishing Point

Character mistake: When Gilmore radios for backup during the Monument Valley chase, he is told additional officers will join them in Blanding. Kowalski hears this on his scanner as they pass a sign saying Blanding is 14 miles away. Kowalski then stops dead in the road and turns around, and the troopers do the same, yet when Sgt. Preston grabs the shotgun, he justifies firing on Kowalski saying "We're coming on to Blanding!" In actual fact they would be heading away from Blanding.

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During the sequence where Kowalski is being chased through the mining buildings, there's a shot where the passenger-side mirror gets knocked off the car by a jutting pole, and the camera tracks it to breaking on the ground. But the next shot showing that side of the car shows the mirror. It keeps appearing and vanishing for the rest of the scene (when it's not there, there's no sign of damage to the car: the car used for those shots appears to never have had a wing-mirror).