Falling Down

Factual error: When the little black kid tells D-Fens how to shoot the bazooka and asks where he is aiming it, D-Fens tells him "That big yellow monster down there" (i.e. a construction truck about a block down) and at this, the bazooka is pointed at the ground, and accidentally goes off. The shell "travels" through some pipe system and then blows up a block away. This is total fantasy. Had this been real, the shell would have exploded right there, killing everybody within about 20 feet. (01:16:00)

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Suggested correction: Rockets that are not on a timer are set off by a pressure sensor at the nose of the rocket, and it was common practice to "Bounce" rockets off the ground at shallow angles in order to penetrate the bottom of a tank, where the armor is weakest. With the angle D-FENs fires the rocket at it is entirely possible for the rocket to bounce upwards and travel along the channel.

Factual error: In the end scene on the pier, Robert Duvall has Michael Douglas at gunpoint. A closeup of the revolver's chambers shows them to be empty of bullets; yet Duvall then shoots Douglas dead.

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Visible crew/equipment: When D-Fens runs out on the pier, the movie lights are shown in plain sight on each side. (01:37:35)

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Bill Foster: I am not economically viable.

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Trivia: When D-Fens notices the protester outside the bank, the protester is wearing the exact same clothes Bill is wearing, even down the pattern on his tie.

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