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Falling Down (1993)

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Corrected entry: When D-Fens attacks the 2 gang members with the baseball bat he strikes the second guy somewhere between the left shoulder and side of the chest, but later in the car it's the gangster's elbow that is hurt. (00:20:15 - 00:23:30)


Correction: He also fell down a flight of concrete stairs after getting hit. He could have easily hurt his elbow (and other parts of his body not hit with the bat) while falling down the stairs.

Corrected entry: In the fast food scene, it is 11:34, and they stopped serving breakfast at 11:30. However, everyone in the restaurant is eating lunch, hamburgers to be specific, despite only being able to order them for approximately 4 minutes.

Correction: Many fast food restaurants start serving burgers long before breakfast is over, some even serve burgers the whole time.


Corrected entry: Robert Duvall plays a retiring cop. In one scene a uniformed officer comes by and collects his gun. At the end of the movie he draws his gun and ends up shooting Michael Douglas. How did he get his gun back?

Correction: A couple of minutes before Duvall shoots Douglas, Duvall and Rachel Ticotin arrive at the home of Douglas's ex-wife. Douglas shoots Ticotin (not shown in the movie), then flees. Duvall runs to the back of the house to check on Ticotin, who gives him her gun. That would explain how Duvall had a gun when he and Douglas have their showdown moments later.

Visible crew/equipment: When D-Fens runs out on the pier, the movie lights are shown in plain sight on each side. (01:37:35)

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Mr. Lee: Take the money.
Bill Foster: You think I'm a thief? Oh, you see, I'm not the thief. I'm not the one charging 85 cents for a stinking soda! You're the thief. I'm just standing up for my rights as a consumer.

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Trivia: When D-Fens notices the protester outside the bank, the protester is wearing the exact same clothes Bill is wearing, even down the pattern on his tie.

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