Bed of Roses

Lucy is a workaholic with no time for love. She is in a relationship, but it's strictly physical.
One day she recieves a mysterious floral arrangement. She becomes obsessed with finding out who sent the flowers. She tracks down Lewis, who made the delivery, but he won't tell her who sent them.
That night she sees Lewis looking into her window. She confronts him about it and he admits that he sent her the flowers. He had seen her crying in the window eaarlier that week and wanted to cheer her up.
They end up spending the day together. By the end of the night they have fallen for each other and Lucy freaks out and leaves. Lewis sends her tons of flowers and she goes to talk to him. They end up deciding to be together, Lucy opens up and tells Lewis about her troubled childhood. Things go well until he proposes on Xmas eve.
Lucy freaks again and dumps Lewis.


Continuity mistake: At the end, when Lisa goes to Lewis's apartment, watch the apartment door when Louis's sister leaves. In one shot, she's leaving and pulling the door closed behind her. Cut, and the door is wide open, with Christian Slater resting his hand on it. Cut again, and the sister is pulling it closed again.

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Lewis Farrell: I noticed the other morning you didn't order any breakfast. I wasn't sure if that was because you weren't a breakfast eater... or becuase you thought I was gonna kill you.

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