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Continuity mistake: During the runway pursuit, there is a shot from behind Castor Troy as he fires on Sean's chopper, and there are four bullet holes on the windshield. In Sean's close-up the four bullet holes change position.

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Face/Off mistake picture

Continuity mistake: While Sean tries to prevent the jet from taking off, in the exterior long shots of the aircraft there are windshield wipers over two of the cockpit's windows, but in the exterior closeups such as when Castor brings Winters into the cockpit the wipers are gone. (00:06:35 - 00:10:20)

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Face/Off mistake picture

Continuity mistake: On the speedboat at the end of the movie when Archer and Troy fly through the air, you can see foam on their clothes even though in the next scene their clothes are dry. (02:02:25)


Face/Off mistake picture

Other mistake: When Troy (as Archer) goes to defuse the bomb, the #1 key lights up before he even presses it.

Face/Off mistake picture

Continuity mistake: In the scene where Cage and Travolta are fighting on the dock, Cage stabs Travolta with the speargun (before he fires it). If you look at the spear after Travolta is stabbed, there is blood on it. Then in the next shot, the spear is suddenly clean.

Face/Off mistake picture

Other mistake: At the prison, when Sean Archer (as Castor Troy) is talking to Pollux Troy to find out where the bomb is, Pollux hands him a cigarette. Never lighting the cigarette, in the next shot the cigarette is lit and he is smoking from it.

Face/Off mistake picture

Continuity mistake: When John Travolta is shot on the carousel at the beginning of the movie, the shot enters his back near his collarbone. When the camera moves back a second later, the bullethole is much lower.

Face/Off mistake picture

Factual error: The premise of the film is swapping the faces of the Hero and Villain. We can see the whole face of Sean Archer is intact in a water tank, which includes his eyelids and lips. When Castor Troy wakes up and confronts the doctor, despite his face being missing, he still retains eyelids and lips, which isn't possible as they would be missing. This should result in Castor having exposed eyes and teeth. (00:46:47 - 00:48:08)


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Castor Troy: Lies, deceit, mixed messages... This is turning into a real marriage.

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Trivia: The prison that Pollux is in is called Erehwon which is "no where" backwards.

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Question: Why were Pollux and Archer sent straight to prison without a trial?


Chosen answer: It's obvious that enough time hasn't passed for a trial of such magnitude to take place, meaning that the brothers have been remanded in custody to await trial. They should have been arraigned but we don't see that onscreen.

Answer: The speech Walton gives when Archer arrives implies it's a top secret Guantanamo Bay type of prison where due process doesn't exist.

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