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Corrected entry: In the ending shot, as everyone is leaving and walking down the path, Luna is walking behind Hermione. Then she comes from behind and is walking beside her, yet when it cuts, Luna is now back behind Hermione and out-of-sight.

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Correction: Just before the first shot cuts away, in which the camera moves to directly in front of Hermione, Luna never comes up from behind Hermione and walks beside her, she still remains behind her when it cuts away. In the second shot, the camera is positioned to Hermione's right, directly in front of Ron, and because of the angle change Luna can't easily be seen behind Hermione.

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Corrected entry: In the very last scene where the camera pans out, we can see the Hogwarts Express. As the camera moves upscreen, we see that the tracks suddenly vanish under the trees. This is obviously merely tree cover, but we next see the lake, with no tracks going over or around it. In the scene where they are travelling to Hogwarts, as well as in similar scenes in most previous movies, it is shown that the Hogwarts Express travels over a causeway by the side of the lake before arriving at Hogwarts Station.

Correction: Continuity errors are not valid between movies. Filmmakers often make changes to landscape, architecture, costumes, etc.

Corrected entry: When Bellatrix Lestrange comes out of the shadows laughing and saying, "He knows 'ow to play," her mouth is noticeably still.

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Correction: Untrue. I've watched this several times, and she speaks before she fully emerges from the shadows. Her entire face is still in darkness when she says that line.

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Corrected entry: When Umbridge is writing the "OWLs" on her chalk board she makes three last strokes as if to make a period. We can hear the sound of chalk hitting the board. when you look after there are no periods.

Correction: Umbridge is not writing, but only pointing at each letter with her wand, bringing attention to them.


Corrected entry: When Harry looks back at Neville when they are in the Hall of Prophecy after they have found the right orb, for a split second, he doesn't have the famous scar.

Correction: The scar is not very visible but it is there.

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Corrected entry: Throughout the film they refer to Harry as being fourteen. Really, he's fifteen.

Correction: No one ever says he is fourteen. There are only references to events that happened fourteen years before when Harry was a little over one-year-old, making him fifteen now.

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Corrected entry: We can easily see that Harry's glasses do not have lenses. However, there are some shots that his glasses do have lenses.

Correction: Sorry but you'll need to be more specific as to where it can be seen, as we can't tell if you're referring to a scene where it just looks like he doesn't have lens when he does. That often happens with glasses. I should know, I wear them.

Corrected entry: In the Room of Requirement, Neville tells Harry that Bellatrix Lestrage is the Death Eater who tortured his parents. However, in the previous film, Dumbledore's pensieve shows that Barty Crouch Jr. did it (and was sent to Azkaban for it.).

Correction: The Longbottoms were tortured by a group containing both Crouch and the Lestranges.

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Corrected entry: In the scene when Neville Longbottom is seen looking into the mirror and Harry approaches, we see close enough to the mirror to read the titles on the newspaper cuttings. One notes the 'Mysterious Disapearences'. The 2nd E in Disapearances is a horrendous spelling mistake, beyond what a newspaper might reasonably make.

Correction: The Guardian Newspaper (as an example) is a respected broadsheet and yet notorious for its spelling errors. Newspapers do make mistakes.


Corrected entry: In the scene where Mrs. Figg is bringing Harry and Dudley home after the attack of the Dementors, she speaks about "the boy who was killed last year". Actually it is summer so Cedric died only a few weeks ago.

Correction: She is employing brevity. She is referring to the last school year, not calendar year, as the new school year is about to begin. Since Harry knew perfectly well what she was talking about, and since time was short, she didn't bother spelling this out.

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Corrected entry: During the first Defence Against the Dark Arts lesson with Umbridge, when the students are told they will not be using practical defensive spells the class is shocked as the camera pans out you hear a pencil drop and roll across the floor - even though the students write with quills.

Correction: It's never shown what was dropped. It could have been any number of objects, including a wand. And just because the students write with quills, it doesn't mean someone, especially a Muggle-born student, couldn't have a pencil with them. Also, there are pen-like writing instruments on Umbridge's desk, and the students use a pencil when they sign up for "Dumbledore's Army".

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Corrected entry: In one scene in the common room the song 'Boys Will Be Boys' by 'The Ordinary Boys' is playing, released in 2006, but this film is set in the 1990s, before the song was released.

Correction: The films are separate from the books - the films have never stated what year they're set.

As far as I know, the movies don't explicitly state their years, but the years can be inferred but are a mess. For example, the graves for the Potters say they died in 1981, so if Harry was one year old when they died, it was about 1991 when the first movie starts. This date match the book's dates. It does raise a problem with the 7th movie though, since we see the Millennium Bridge collapse, which wasn't opened until 2000, and the Dursleys driving a 2008 model car. I think the producers didn't say a date so didn't worry much about consistency.


Movies are separate from the books but they are set in the same time as them.

Nope. For a start we see the Millennium Bridge in the movies, which wasn't opened until 2000.

The millennium bridge being in the movie is actually a mistake, as its supposed to be 1996. I think its listed.


No they're not. There are loads of references to the films taking place in the current time period as opposed to 1996.

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Corrected entry: In the beginning of the movie, the radio announces the upcoming temperature in Fahrenheit. In Britain celcius would be more likely.

Correction: Actually, while Britain officially uses Celsius, a lot of people know the Fahrenheit system too, especially the older generation, so radio announcers frequently give it in Fahrenheit as well.


Corrected entry: In the Hall of Prophecy, when Neville spots Harry's glass orb and says, "It has your name on it," he is looking up at the fourth shelf, above his head. In the next shot of Harry he is looking up as well, but in his next close-up, the orb is now on the third shelf, and Harry (who is more than half a foot shorter than Neville) is actually face-to-face with it, before he ever touches it. (01:43:15)

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Correction: I believe there's a logical reason why this is not an actual mistake: We see all the shelves are attached to mechanisms (note the closeup of unit 94) which presumably move vertically to lower or raise the shelves, and we also see the openings in the floor under the shelving units. When Harry walks over to the shelving unit with his prophesy orb it could have sensed Harry's presence, and during the shot facing the other members of D.A., while offscreen, that shelving unit has enough time to quite literally, magically, lower itself into the opening in the floor. Then, as the next shot faces Harry he's now face-to-face with the orb, even before touching it. This fits with the knowledge that "Prophecies can only be retrieved by those about whom they are made." Harry's prophesy orb hasn't really changed shelves, it's that the entire unit has lowered itself so the orb is now at eye level with Harry.

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Revealing mistake: In the Forbidden Forest, HRH are introduced to Grawp. Just as the giant lifts Hermione off the ground, in the shot from behind her, Hermione's legs disappear below her calves; the digital lines are actually visible. Slow-mo is not necessary. (Only visible on fullscreen DVD.) (01:29:40)

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Kingsley Shacklebolt: You may not like him, Minister, but you can't deny it, Dumbledore's got style.

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Question: I don't understand why Voldemort needed the prophecy from the Department of Mysteries. Doesn't he already know that Harry can possibly kill him, since Harry conquered him on the night of James and Lily's murders?

Answer: When Voldemort originally attacked Harry, he was acting on information provided to him by Snape. But Snape's information was not complete, ergo why Voldemort lost his powers. He wants the prophecy in order to hear it in its entirety, because he believes it will give him the information he needs to kill Harry.

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