Other mistake: In chapter 30 of the American hardcover edition, Harry and Hermione find seats in the topmost row at the Quidditch match, but when Hagrid comes to tell them about Grawp he squeezes his way through the row behind them. If Harry and Hermione are in the topmost row, there cannot be a row behind them. (Corrected in later Editions).

Other mistake: When they are meeting in Hogsmeade to discuss having Harry train them in Defense Against The Dark Arts, Susan Bones asks Harry if it was true he could produce a Patronus Charm. After Harry said yes, everyone is impressed and surprised. However in The Prisoner Of Azkaban, Harry produces a Patronus during the Quidditch match when Malfoy was dressed as a Dementor. This was done in front of the whole school. So everyone at the meeting shouldn't have been surprised.


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Suggested correction: This is about a full corporeal patronus. This is much more difficult and nobody has seen Harry do that before.


He does produce a corporeal patronus at the quidditch match. As Dumbledore references at the end of PoA "I remembered the most unusual form your patronus took, when it charged Mr Malfoy down at your quidditch match."

Trivia: When Mr. Weasley is taking Harry down to the Ministry of Magic, he dials a number in the phone box. The number they dial is 62442. When you look at these numbers on a standard English telephone the letters spell out MAGIC.

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Question: If Kreacher could belong to Sirius even though Sirius was disowned by his family, then shouldn't he have gone to Andromeda, who was also disowned, before going to Andromeda's younger sister, Narcissa?

Answer: Even though Sirius' family had "disowned" him, he still inherited the family's entire estate after his brother's death (he was the sole heir). Siris, who was Harry's godfather, had drawn a will leaving all his property to Harry. That is why Kreacher became Harry's legal possession.

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