The Bridge at Remagen

Trivia: The filming in Czechoslovakia was interrupted due to life imitating art somewhat when in August 1968 the Soviets decided to invade. The evacuation of cast and crew was performed using a fleet of 20 taxis.

Trivia: The sight of Sgt. Angelo using a German MP 40 was not unusual in WW2; in fact, many Allied soldiers used the MP 40 instead of their own issues because of its then-handy design, and the design itself inspired the development of similar-looking SMGs, particularly the Russian Ppsh 43 and the U.S. M3 'Grease Gun'.

Trivia: The German actors Hans Christian Blech, Peter van Eyck, Heinz Reincke, and Richard M√ľnch are no strangers to war movies: all of them have also appeared in 'The Longest Day', as Major Werner Pluskat, Oberstleutnant (Lt. Col.) Ocker, Oberst (Col.) der Luftwaffe 'Pips' Priller, and General Marcks, respectively.

Revealing mistake: When the Remagen bridge is bombed, it is obvious that the bomber planes shown have been taken from several shots (possibly also from an earlier film) and the shots were superimposed. Also, the bombers appear transparent, and the background sky's color is unnaturally strong, too.

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Major Paul Kreuger: I understand the Russians are at the Elbe.
Gen. Von Brock: Yes.
Major Paul Kreuger: And here?
Gen. Von Brock: Worse. Utter confusion. Every day I get orders to attack with divisions that no longer exist. Hitler still thinks he's winning the war.
Major Paul Kreuger: The Army helped bring Hitler into power. Are you saying we made a mistake?

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