The Bridge at Remagen
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Capt. Otto Baumann: Farce! Where are the bombers? Our reinforcements? This is the most important place in Germany, and what do we have to fight with? Old men, riff-raff, the sweepings from the road.
Major Paul Kreuger: And you, Baumann. Will you fight as hard as you talk?
Capt. Otto Baumann: You will find out when we attack.

Major Paul Kreuger: I understand the Russians are at the Elbe.
Gen. Von Brock: Yes.
Major Paul Kreuger: And here?
Gen. Von Brock: Worse. Utter confusion. Every day I get orders to attack with divisions that no longer exist. Hitler still thinks he's winning the war.
Major Paul Kreuger: The Army helped bring Hitler into power. Are you saying we made a mistake?

Continuity mistake: In this scene we see the General briefing his men. A map is spread out over the bonnet of a jeep. While he is studying the map and planning the next move a steaming hot cup of something is given to the General and is placed on the map for him. The General then takes it in his right hand and is about to drink it when someone speaks to him. The General replies to him and in the next wide angle shot there is no cup in his hand nor is it anywhere else.


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Trivia: The German actors Hans Christian Blech, Peter van Eyck, Heinz Reincke, and Richard M√ľnch are no strangers to war movies: all of them have also appeared in 'The Longest Day', as Major Werner Pluskat, Oberstleutnant (Lt. Col.) Ocker, Oberst (Col.) der Luftwaffe 'Pips' Priller, and General Marcks, respectively.

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