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Corrected entry: In scenes showing Tom Cruise driving in a cab to the pivotal orgy scene, apparently in or near Glen Cove, Long Island, the road markings are clearly from the UK film locations in which the film was shot.

Correction: The night highway shot is from the interchange between the Grand Central Parkway and the Long Island Expressway (signs say LaGuardia, Midtown Tunnel, Eastern LI). I see no markings on the other streets that would be characteristically British. While most of the movie was shot in the UK, many of the exteriors were shot in and around NYC.

Corrected entry: In the final scene between Tom Cruise and Sidney Pollack you can see Sidney standing by the pool table. As the camera cuts between the two actors, one of the balls keeps shifting its position.

Correction: Of course the ball is switching position... he is playing slowly with the ball.

Corrected entry: At the very end of the movie Tom Cruise is talking to his wife in the toy store. If you look while he is talking, his collar moves from open to closed then to open again.

Correction: Look more closely. When his arms are by his side, the collar is open, but when he crosses his arms over his chest, the collar pushes together and appears to be closed. He unfolds his arms again, and the collar opens again.


Corrected entry: During the scene when Tom Cruse's character drives back to the orgy house for the second time, you see a sign showing a interchange for interstate highway 495. This highway is in eastern Massachusetts, not on Long Island where the orgy house supposedly is. (It would cost more than $50 to take a taxi to Massachusetts.)

Correction: There's also an I-495 on Long Island.

Visible crew/equipment: In a scene not too long after Tom Cruise attempts to revive a hooker who has OD'd, he is speaking with an older gentleman. The three are in a bathroom and the hooker is passed out on a chair. One of the shower or light fixtures toward the left of the screen is shiny, and in a shot during which the camera briefly tracks in reverse, you can see the camera, cameraman and the focus puller reflected. It's pretty clear and not all that fast.

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Trivia: Christiane Kubrick, Stanley's wife, has a cameo as the woman sitting behind Dr. Harford at Café Sonata.


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Question: Tom Cruise is a Manhattan doctor living on Central Park West. We can see in the movie it's a large, beautiful apartment. To buy a Central Park West apartment of this type is in the range of 5 to 12 million dollars. Being a doctor he's highly educated. Why don't the rich people in the naked group want him as a member? He the perfect recruit.

Answer: Perhaps the group is full or bans certain groups of people. It is also possible that they excluded him because in New York, physicians are mandatory reporters and they were afraid of being found out.

Greg Dwyer

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