The Bourne Supremacy

Revealing mistake: Whilst Bourne is following the assassin and drinking his water, he passes some toy windmills. Just before passing them there is a group of people behind Bourne and you can see many are staring towards the camera. (00:11:25)

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Revealing mistake: When the demonstration crowd is assembling in the plaza, there's a yellow tram entering on the left hand side. Watch as someone walks across the tracks in front of it and disappears through the corner of the cab. The shot must be a composite of the crowd amassing and the tram shot separately and then overlayed.

Revealing mistake: Early in the movie during the scene which Jason Bourne is being detained, the person from the Consulate while questioning Jason Bourne gets interrupted by a cell phone call. He has a Hand Spring PDA/phone and during the phone conversation you can see a red light flash on top of the phone. If you own one of these phones you know that means you have no cellular signal. How could he be having a phone conversation if he has no signal?

Continuity mistake: In the Moscow car chase, Bourne's car is hit from the driver's side by a patrol car. The driver's side window breaks. In the next few shots, you do not see any broken glass on Bourne. In the very next shot the car is not damaged on the driver's side. (01:25:25)

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Nicky: They know you were there.
Jason Bourne: Stop, stop! A weeek ago, I was 4,000 miles away, in India, watching Marie die. They came for me, and they killed her instead. This ends now.

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Trivia: The photo of Nicky in her confidential file is actually a promotional shot taken of Julia Stiles (Nicky) in 1999 for her movie "10 Things I Hate About You."

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