Bedazzled (1967)

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Stanley's last wish turns him into a nun, and Spiggott says that he will remain one for all eternity. However, since Spiggott has got a few more souls than he needs, he gives Stanley his soul back. He then goes to Heaven and asks God to let him back in - only to get told that because he gave Stanley his sole back to feel good about himself, he's lost the bet. Things revert to how they were at the start of the movie, only this time Stanley asks Margaret out - but gets turned down anyway. Spiggott makes the offer again, but Stanley refuses.


Visible crew/equipment: After Lucifer talks to God and doesn't know what is happening and Saint Peter comes to escort him out they get into a discussion why he failed the entrance examination, you can see a reflection in glass between the camera and Lucifer and a man who does not appear to be St. Peter. (Maybe director Stanley Donen?) (01:39:25)

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Question: In many reviews I've read of this film, folks say that, at the end, it is revealed that the bet between God and Satan for the first to reach 100 billion souls was all a joke by God on the devil. I have seen this film five times and never once (even after reading these things) did I hear/see anything that even remotely indicated that the contest was a joke. Can someone please fill me in on this?

Answer: It's a joke because the souls already belong to God. It's mentioned during the jail scene. So the question is irrelevant, as God already has well over 100 billion souls in any case, and the devil can't gain them back.

There is no jail scene in this movie. You're probably thinking of the remake.

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