The Andromeda Strain

Visible crew/equipment: When Stone and Hall are in the van in Piedmont looking for the satellite, at the point right after Stone says "hold it, you need to back up and go to the left", at two brief instances you can see the large rectangular movie light reflected in the back doors of the van. (00:21:55)

Mark A. VanCleve

Visible crew/equipment: When Stone and Hall fly over in the helicopter, the mark for the positioning of one of the 'corpses' is visible. There is a thick black line perfectly outlining the right side of the body. It's the one the camera centers on as Stone talks about the birds spreading the disease.

Grumpy Scot

Continuity mistake: On Day 2, when the two officers go into the town's doctor's office, they leave the van with the driver's door way open, beyond 90 degrees, almost 180. The door didn't move to indicate it corrected itself as they went in. When they come out, the door is almost closed. And there has been no indication of a wind other than the helicopter, and that is supposed to be 1000 feet up and not even close to the office.

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Dr. Charles Dutton: Experiment with your own lives, damn it.

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Trivia: Unknown at the time, two future Star Trek references are made in this film. The director, Robert Wise, would go on to direct Star Trek: The Motion Picture, and at the end of the film when discussing the cloud seeding, a caption on the video monitor reads out "Nimbus 3". This was the name of the planet on which Sybok takes prisoners in Star Trek V: The Final Frontier.

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