Jet Li didn't kill the three assasins, but the three assasins lost to him in staged battles and gave him their weapons willingly. It turns out that Jet Li used these weapons to get close to the emperor and he is the real assasin. Jet Li learns from Broken Sword (Tony Leung) the valuable lesson that the emperor isn't such a bad guy after all as he wants to unite China and bring about peace. Jet Li does not kill the emperor and walks away, and is killed by millions of arrows, leaving a Jet Li shaped hole in the arrows. Jet Li is given an honorable funeral. Broken Sword and Flying Snow (Maggie Cheung) kill each other.

Mark Calloway

Revealing mistake: In the final fight scene in the desert between Broken Sword and Flying Snow, when the camera cuts to the wide shots of them standing there, looking at each other, you can see tire tracks in the sand. (01:24:30)

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Flying Snow: How swift thy sword.

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Trivia: In the flashbacks, the characters' costumes go from red (imagination) to blue (perceived reality) to white (truth). In the final flashback, the costumes are green (enlightenment/peace).

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