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Corrected entry: Near the end Broken Sword presents Nameless with his sword and two words of calligraphy. During this scene the wind acts very strangely. It's always blowing Nameless' hair and clothes to his right, but it also blows Broken Sword's hair to his right. Since they're facing each other, that's two opposite directions. When Moon asks Nameless to consider Broken Sword's advice, the wind is still, but it is still blowing strongly on Nameless. This phenomenon may have a thematic interpretation. (01:14:25 - 01:15:05)


Correction: This movie is about symbolism.it really isn't a mistake because the wind symbolizes Nameless' and Broken Sword's differences.


Corrected entry: After Sky uncovers his spear and begins fighting with Nameless, you see the old man covering up his musical instrument with a cloth before getting up and leaving. But when Nameless stops and asks him to play another tune, you see that the instrument is no longer covered when he puts it back on his knees. (00:11:30 - 00:12:15)

Correction: That's because there is a time lapse between Nameless putting the metal objects in his bowl and the old man getting read to play his instrument. You can tell this because the old man is sitting down when he was standing before and was also holding a bowl.

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Corrected entry: At the end of the film, we see Nameless' body being borne on a bier, covered by a red cloth. His body, covered by the cloth, looks relatively intact. Given that he died by being pincushioned with arrows, wouldn't he resemble either a porcupine full of arrows or a bloody mess from where the arrows were removed?

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Correction: We don't know how long afterwards the scene was. They could have had time to remove the arrows and prepare him for burial.


Corrected entry: When Broken Sword is done the scroll (while still having the pen), you can see smudges around the edges of the word. Later, the smudges are gone and the scroll is perfect. As far as I know, there wasn't white-out back then.

Correction: Chinese calligraphy on larger scrolls would often leave smudges. However, these were removed with sharp, chaveta-like tool before the paint dried and bonded to the paper (which took several hours).


Corrected entry: According to the words at the end of the movie, this story took place about two thousand years ago. Mandarin Chinese has been around for about 700-800 years, and Cantonese has been around for a little over two thousand. So the movie should have been scripted in Cantonese Chinese instead of Mandarin Chinese.

Correction: First: Dialogue is delivered using classical Chinese grammar rather than modern Mandarin, although the words are pronounced in the Mandarin dialect. (According to the trivia listed at imdb.com). Second: This falls under the same "mistake" as "They didn't speak English in ancient Troy!"


Corrected entry: Before the first fight sequence, Jet Li faces off with Donnie Yen in the rain drenched chess courtyard. After Yen accepted the challenge, Li jump started off into the air with his left foot fully extended, which could only mean that when he lands, it would be the left foot. The next close-up shot revealed a right foot hitting the pool of water in the rain soaked floor, instead. (00:10:00)

Correction: The characters in the movie can do what can not be normally done. Jumping into the air with one foot and then landing on another would be child's play for someone that can jump off of water.


Continuity mistake: In the third rendition of the story of what happened at Zhao, Nameless shows that his attack could have immense precision by throwing all the additional sticks in the air along with the white one. Not only does the white stick change trajectory during the scene changes, but at the end the additional sticks all seem to fly in from a barrel just out of sight instead of falling all around Nameless' sword.

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Nameless: Great calligraphy.
Broken Sword: Great swordsmanship.
Nameless: You didn't see my swordsmanship.
Broken Sword: Without it, I couldn't have written this calligraphy.

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Trivia: This is the most expensive film ever produced in China.

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Question: In the final fight between Flying Snow and Broken Sword, how did they get their weapons back? Weren't their swords still in the palace?

Answer: Those were two different swords they had at the end. You can tell because when Broken Sword's weapon hits the sand when he drops it, you can clearly see the tapered point, not a broken edge.

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