All the Pretty Horses

All the Pretty Horses (2000)

12 mistakes - chronological order

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Continuity mistake: As they approach the Rio Grande River, Matt Damon's shirt changes from wet to dry and back and from a denim shirt to another one several times in this sequence. (00:11:45)

Continuity mistake: When John and Lacey approach the Rio Grande, both horses have long, brown blankets hanging in front of the saddle which they didn't carry with them before. (00:11:45)


Revealing mistake: When John and Lacey brand a calf it doesn't even wince when the iron hits the skin. It looks as if in Mexico they do branding under anaesthetic. (00:30:55)


Revealing mistake: When they break in the mustangs you see in at least one shot that stuntmen do the rodeo riding. Matt Damon's is wearing different shoes. (00:34:50)


Continuity mistake: After the breaking-in job John gets off a white horse that stands still when he walks off. In the next shot the same horse comes trotting from the direction where John is heading. When John reaches the gate the horse stands again at the same place where John left it. (00:35:45)


Revealing mistake: When Alejandra comes to John's room the first time you see distinct t-shirt marks on John's upper body, his arms as tanned as his neck and face. This in spite of the fact that he wears long-sleeved shirts throughout the movie (except, of course, during his nightly encounters with Alejandra). (00:49:30)


Continuity mistake: Alejandra's father arrives at the hacienda in his private plane. When Alejandra leaves the hacienda in the same plane it's painted differently. (00:54:10)


Continuity mistake: Before the knife fight John sits down at a table with his tray. From shot to shot the arrangement of ashtrays on the table changes. (01:13:15)


Continuity mistake: When John gets attacked in the prison canteen he gets first cut on his face. In slow motion you can see that there is already blood on his hand that should come from a cut he receives a few seconds later. (01:14:30)


Continuity mistake: When the knife fight starts only the boss of the prisoners stays seated. All others are lined up along the wall. But during the fight you can see for a moment the legs of someone else sitting astride on a bench. (01:14:35)


Continuity mistake: When Matt Damon calls Penelope Cruz, there is a man dancing in the background. Every time the camera moves back to John (Matt Damon) the man's suspender keeps changing from being on his shoulder and then it's not there anymore. (01:26:05)

Continuity mistake: In the trailer, there is a scene showing Matt Damon in a fight. The other person pulls out a knife and cuts Damon on the right side of his face, leaving a big scar. In the next scene of the same commercial the scar changes from the right side of his face to the left side and then back again.

Lacey: You're just a deadhead. Just tell me one thing. What the hell would we want you with us for?
Jimmy: 'Cause I'm an American.

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Trivia: Robert Patrick plays Matt Damon's father in the movie, even though in real life he's only 12 years older than Damon.

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