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Continuity mistake: In the very last scene just after Max Lomax exits, the band starts playing again. You can hear drums playing however Roxy is dancing with her boyfriend and there's no-one at the drum kit.

Deliberate mistake: After they have the towels on the girls, find the "I Love NY" shirts. They're wearing white bras when they shouldn't have anything on, considering they just took a shower.


Continuity mistake: When one of the girls gets the blue drink all over her top we see that a lot of her white shirt has been covered in it, but when she goes into the restroom she doesn't have as much of the drink on her as before.


Continuity mistake: During the whole car chase scene when the girls are being chased by Max Lomax, Jane is driving the taxi and there is a cheetah skin cover on the steering wheel and as they keep changing shots it disappears then reappears.

Deliberate mistake: When the two girls have get into the limo for the first time with the fake Chinese guy and they realized that they are now trapped and being taken away, there is a shot of one of the girls through the limo's window, limo windows aren't clear they are tinted so we shouldn't have been able to see her face.


Continuity mistake: When Jane and Roxy are being chased in the taxi by Max, the scenery behind them shows a sidewalk to the right of the car, however Max turns up on that side and suddenly there is another lane.

Continuity mistake: When Roxy climbs out the limo's sunroof she is wearing green underwear, but later when she slides off the window cleaner's conveyor into the dumpster the white underwear is visible under the towel, even though she is supposed to be naked.

Continuity mistake: When Roxy fights the fake Chinese guy with her drumsticks in the subway station, Jane and Roxy end the fight by grabbing his coat/jacket and pulling it over his head, then shoving him into a subway car. When they first shove him, the jacket is over his head. When he is stumbling in, it is suddenly nice and neat, down in its proper position. But the in the next shot of him hitting the seats, it's back over his head as he struggles with it.

Factual error: When Reinaldo is thrown out of the hotel window, his trajectory should make him fly way past the narrow ledge. (00:34:30)

Visible crew/equipment: When Lomax is asking Justin where he could find Roxy, the camera is visible in the reflection of Justin's glasses.

Continuity mistake: Roxy's hair's waviness varies throughout the entire movie until it is finally completely straightened when she comes out of the House of Bling.

Continuity mistake: In the scene when the girls are in that guys apartment we see that the chip is blue, but then when the guy sees his dog eat the chip he calls it a green chip.


Other mistake: When the twins and the dog are on the trashcan, they all move down the side of the trashcan, even the dog. IT really couldn't happen the way it did because dogs can't walk very smoothly on their hind legs especially when their hind legs probably are dangling in mid air.


Continuity mistake: In the scene right after Jane and Roxy escape from Lomax and they are still in the taxi talking to each other. Roxy's hair goes from tucked behind her ears to in front of her ears between shots.

Factual error: When the band (Simple Plan) is playing, the name "Lomax" is repeated by many people, including Simple Plan's drummer (Chuck Comeau), however, while playing the drum set, it is hard to pay attention to almost anything besides what you are doing without messing up on the song.

Continuity mistake: When the fake Chinese guy calls Jane on her mobile in the hotel room she calls for Roxy. If you then look at Roxy's hair you'll see its position change several times. First over her ear, then behind her ear then, over her ear, etc.

Revealing mistake: Just before Jane knocks over the coffee into the guy on the train, you can see that she looks at it before she hits it, so that she knows where to hit it.

Roxy Ryan: Come on you can poopy, just a little one.

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Trivia: Just after Jane and Roxy run from the hotel Bob Saget (their "Dad" from Full House) has a cameo appearance as he double takes on the two girls running by him.

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Question: When Jane and Roxy are in the hotel, they run out onto the street in towels, they then buy the 'I (heart) NY' t-shirts. What happened to their other clothes that they were wearing?


Chosen answer: Before the girls go to the stall where the "I heart New York" shirts are, they broke into an apartment and Jane could have left her clothes in the bathroom when she was taking her shower, and Roxy could have left her clothes somewhere else around the hotel room. As for their towels and robe, they could have disposed of them in a bin or left them in the cubicles etc...


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