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Corrected entry: In the train scene when Roxy and Jane are arguing, a blonde man is sitting between them. The McGill scholarship is specifically mentioned and the man appears uninterested. This is the man that also tries to get a ride in the taxi the girls borrow. Near the end, it is uncovered that the man is on the scholarship board and he seems shocked to see the girls there even though he was actually informed that Jane was taking part earlier on in the film.

Correction: The man from the McGill scolarship may have a)been too drawn into the newspaper he was reading or b)thought they were only talking about it not that Jane was going to be in it.


Corrected entry: When Jane is in the studio watching Roxy's band perform, her boyfriend comes in and she asks him if he will be visiting her in London, so he tells her he is transferring there to be near her. Jane has got a place in Oxford University, which is not in London or near enough to London for her to possibly live there and commute.

Correction: Still, it's much nearer the US. They could visit each other from time to time.

Corrected entry: In the scene where the twins slide off the window cleaner's conveyor into the dumpster, Roxy falls into it head first, with her legs sticking up in the air. However, when Jane falls off the next second, Roxy's whole body is lying on the garbage bags instead.

Correction: In the shot of Jane falling, Roxy's legs could have gone down between shots.

Continuity mistake: In the very last scene just after Max Lomax exits, the band starts playing again. You can hear drums playing however Roxy is dancing with her boyfriend and there's no-one at the drum kit.

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Roxy Ryan: Come on you can poopy, just a little one.

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Trivia: Just after Jane and Roxy run from the hotel Bob Saget (their "Dad" from Full House) has a cameo appearance as he double takes on the two girls running by him.

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