New York Minute

Factual error: When Reinaldo is thrown out of the hotel window, his trajectory should make him fly way past the narrow ledge. (00:34:30)

Factual error: When the band (Simple Plan) is playing, the name "Lomax" is repeated by many people, including Simple Plan's drummer (Chuck Comeau), however, while playing the drum set, it is hard to pay attention to almost anything besides what you are doing without messing up on the song.

Continuity mistake: In the very last scene just after Max Lomax exits, the band starts playing again. You can hear drums playing however Roxy is dancing with her boyfriend and there's no-one at the drum kit.

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Roxy Ryan: Come on you can poopy, just a little one.

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Trivia: Just after Jane and Roxy run from the hotel Bob Saget (their "Dad" from Full House) has a cameo appearance as he double takes on the two girls running by him.

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