Roland and Tia reveal to everyone at the prom that Hilary was the one who spray painted the offensive messages. Hilary leaves the prom upset. Dean, his boyfriend and other students of Mercy House show up at the prom and Dean learns that Mary is pregnant with his child. Pastor Skip tells Dean and the others to leave the prom but Mary defends them. Hilary drives her van into the school's big Jesus sign. Mary goes into labor, her mom shows up, says to Mary that having her as a daughter wasn't a mistake and accompanies her in the ambulance to the hospital. Mary gives birth to a baby girl.


Continuity mistake: In the scene at the mall around Christmas, Cassandra moves her necklace to the side, under her collar. But with each shot it changes from either in front or under her collar. This happens again at the end before Cassandra, Roland, Patrick and Mary go to prom.

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Pastor Skip: I think the Christian thing to do would be to let them stay.
Hilary Faye: The Christian thing to do? I have been doing the CHRISTIAN THING my whole life! I did not have sex with a gay and try to blame it on Jesus!
Mary: Hilary Faye...
Hilary Faye: Oh, shut up, you fornicator!

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Trivia: According to director Brian Dannelly, several fundamentalists working on the film quit. A church, a Christian rock band and the homeowner whose house was to be used for important scenes pulled out of productions because of objections over the film's unflattering content.

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